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Wedding Feast - Matt. 22:14

Lesson # Wedding Feast - Matt. 22:14
Study Material - Wedding Feast - Matt. 22:14

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Wedding Feast
Matt. 22:14

14 For [gar] many [polus] are [eisi] called [kletos] , but [de] few [oligos] are chosen [eklektos] . KJV-Interlinear

14 'For many are called, but few are chosen.' NAS

There is an election by God of those who comply with His criteria for entry into heaven. It is in effect that anyone who complies with his salvation requirement, 'Believe in Jesus Christ,' will be elected into heaven, and admitted.

Anyone who does not believe in Christ, will not be elected, and will be denied entry into heaven. Their destiny will be the Lake of Fire. We have already described the Lake of Fire and it is simply not a place where anyone would want to go.

Here is the urgency of life. We are all born into this world courtesy of the grace of God. None of us had any say in the circumstances of our birth, and certainly many of us have been born into some pretty dire circumstances. No matter. If your life has been in the toilet, or served up on silver, you still have an opportunity to turn your life around both now in time, and for all of eternity.

There are only two places that we can go after we die, and believe it, you will die someday, so you'd better pay attention to your options. There is heaven - the preferred place to go, and there is the Lake of Fire - that place of terror, crying, screaming, total fear, indestructible worms and maggots crawling all over and through you and feeding on you, total darkness, total aloneness, and this will continue forever. Definitely not cool!

Where would you want to go after your die?

Why would anyone even question their destiny, or question God? Has any of us been to 'beyond death' and returned? No. Do you know something that God has not told us? Is there any other god or supernatural being that you can look to for answers? No, no, and no again.

There are six little words that have only to be thought in your mind in the form of a prayer, submitted to God and then you will be saved from the Lake of Fire and guaranteed a place in heaven forever. What six words? 'Father, I believe in Jesus Christ.' I should place after them, a little [submit] button like those you see on web pages. Send an e-mail direct to God @ ?subject= 'salvation_prayer' and of course we would want to receive a confirmation e-mail in return.

But things do not work quite like that in the spiritual life. We already have confirmation within the scriptures, so our prayer to the 'Father' is quite sufficient. How do we gain confidence in our salvation? We study our Bible daily and that will give us the growth, knowledge, and understanding we need to be confident and secure in our spiritual life. Confidence comes through knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. And those three come only through a consistent daily commitment to study the Word of God. You cannot learn that which you do not study.

Can anyone lose out on salvation? Of course. Anyone who rejects God for their entire life, right up until the moment of their death, their last breath. Then when they cease to live, they will lose out for all of eternity, their chance to go to heaven. Many, will unfortunately and stubbornly refuse to believe in Christ.

Are there any who might be embarrassed to believe in Christ? Probably, but that thought (those six little words) which you can think, cannot be seen by anyone, so you have total privacy. Only God can hear your thoughts, and elect you because of your decision. In time, with continued daily Bible study, you will come out of your embarrassment and be bold with courage, but at the moment of salvation that is not important. What is important is that we all realize our place in life, and make that important decision in life to believe in Christ.

Sure we have distractions and things that we do in life. We like to play on our computers and hand held kids games. We like to spend time with our friends. We like to engage in our work, our hobbies, or read, or watch TV, or do whatever it is that you do from day to day. But there is not one of us that doesn't have the time to think those six little words. Do you remember what they were? .......

See! You can recall them.

Do not be like the 'many,' stubborn and stupid, who will not be called, and with whom the Lake of Fire will be filled. They will not see each other there. Everyone in the Lake of Fire will be totally alone with themselves. Gods invitation goes out to everyone, and acceptance is so unbelievably simple. A mere thought.

But instead be like the 'few' who will be chosen because of your smart thinking and decision to believe in Jesus Christ. So, if you have not believed in Christ and you are hearing or reading these words, then do so now, 'Father I believe in Jesus Christ.' Ta-da! Now you are saved and it didn't even hurt.

But there is more to life after salvation. Actually all of your life, the best that there can possibly be, comes after salvation. You only need to believe in Christ once in your life and that is all that is necessary. Once saved, always saved. You can never lose your salvation.

As with your physical birth, so it is with your spiritual birth. You need to grow up. Life is far better in the physical world as an adult than it was as an infant. You have more opportunities certainly. Yes, I know that we all have our troubles, and infancy with no responsibilities can be preferred - emotionally on occasion, but we all know that being grown up is by far, far better. So too, with the spiritual life. To be mature spiritually is far, far better than being a spiritual infant. The opportunities are exponentially greater.

Now we again come to our selection process. Many are called (all believers) to grow up, but few actually do grow up. Why? Because we are arrogant. We all have our pet beliefs in life. We all have our little compromises that we see as harmless. We are too busy for doctrine. We prefer TV or something else verses a few minutes of Bible study each day. We are simply lazy. We procrastinate. We are indifferent. We just do not see the importance or value of Bible study. We don't think that it accomplishes anything for us in our life. We do not agree with 'some' Bible lessons. Hummm! Have I covered your 'excuse' yet?

Maturity is infinitely better than infancy. Can an infant buy their own clothes, drive a car, buy a home, take a job, invest in life in anyway, eat pizza, have a relationship, fall in love, go on a trip, etc.? No. Why then would anyone wish to remain as an infant spiritually? The same truths hold for the spiritual life.

Now the decisions of life become daily decisions for ones spiritual life. The commitment to ones spiritual life means that one has to grow up, be consistent, less rigid, less sensitive, more obedient to ones role in life rather than more resistant to Gods design and plan for your life. This all certainly requires a personal desire to 'want' more out of life and allowing God to give it to you and succeeding, rather than 'wanting' more and hustling through the wrong hoops to get whatever you can, without God in your life and failing miserably.

So the challenge. Are you capable of growing up spiritually? Yes, everyone is.

But, are you 'willing' to try, and stick with it, and not bail out when you come across something you do not like? Will you bail out when times get tough? Will you bail out when you do not get your way? Are your expectations lined up with Gods plan for humanity and yourself, or are your expectations in life unreasonable?

Will you be among the 'many' who are given the opportunity for greater things in life but just don't get around to them, or will you be among the 'few' who open their eyes and seize hold for yourself the greatest blessings that anyone can ever have both now in time and in eternity?

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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