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Matthew 24:9-10

Lesson # Matt. 24:9-10
Study Material - Matt. 24:9-10

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 24:9-10

9 Then [tote] shall they deliver [paradidomi] you [humas] up [paradidomi] to [eis] be afflicted [thlipsis] , and [kai] shall kill [apokteino] you [humas] : and [kai] ye shall be [esomai] hated [miseo] of [hupo] all [pas] nations [ethnos] for [dia] my [mou] name's sake [onoma] .
10 And [kai] then [tote] shall many [polus] be offended [skandalizo] , and [kai] shall betray [paradidomi] one another [allelon] , and [kai] shall hate [miseo] one another [allelon] . KJV-Interlinear

Matt. 24:9-10

9 'Then they will deliver you to tribulation, and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations on account of My name. 10 'And at that time many will fall away and will deliver up one another and hate one another. NAS

We need to remember that all of these characteristic problems being described have existed throughout history. People will constantly face tests on their faith from their own self (their thinking), from family, from friends, from strangers, from work, from their social circles. If you have ever been the target of office politics, the target of social gossip from clubs you have associated with either directly or indirectly, in business and have competitors, or have had anything to do with people in life (that one should just about cover us all I think), then you know that there are those who will appoint themselves as your critic. They make it their mission in life to bring you harm. Often times they might not even know you. They just want to promote themselves at your expense.

This is a rather mild form of persecution. And we probably have all been a victim (or an instigator) of it.

In the Tribulation the world have tremendously increased pressures from persecutions in various forms. We have also seen many examples of this in some of the third world countries where instability seems to be the norm. But again, the Tribulation will make all of the problems in history prior to it, seems as child's play.

After the Rapture, there will be those who will witness it first hand, there will be those who will hear of it as we hear of events in the news, there will be those who hear of it through the rumor mill. There will be those who will hear and be convinced of it, from the 144,000 evangelists (who by the way were also unbelievers but will become believing evangelists in a big hurry). There will be the two witnesses which are revealed in the Tribulation, and of whom will be the center of some pretty remarkable miracles. There is of course the existence of the Bible, of churches all over the world, and of many people who will just believe in Christ because of the many world wide problems.

The moment of the Rapture will see the removal of all believers from the world, then people will begin to believe in Christ, and by the millions. At first it will be the right thing to do - no pressure, but the price of Christianity will become greater and greater. People will be arrested, persecuted, raped, tortured, beaten, murdered. Mark in his parallel passage references the activities of the courts in these persecutions against people.

The price will be great, the promises of the many false leaders will be too convincing, and the alternative behavior will be too tempting. People will defect from Christianity, and not just defect, but they will actually join in with their former persecutors and begin inflicting persecution on others.

Often people think that Christianity is the easiest thing in the world, but then they face ostracism, or hate, or ridicule, and they fall away. Their faith is based on pretense. Without a formal and genuine commitment to their Bible study, they are very shallow believers. They are the first to go from faith and the first to turn on their former beliefs.

This applies to anyone who does not follow Gods Word to the letter, so to speak. And I do not mean silly rigid interpretations that some seem to hold to. But to any who are merely superficial in their Bible studies, then those folks do no grow up spiritually. They are shallow. This principle has held throughout history.

The pressures of that last generation will increase. Persecutions will intensify, and people will die like flies, and they will change sides like rats. Hummm! Didn't we see a little of this type of thinking in the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Those tribal lords and their followers would get in too deep and then they would simply change sides. Time Out! Changing sides! Resume the fighting! People will turn in their own mothers to save their hide.

Remember too, that God (Jesus Christ) said, ' ... do not be afraid. These things must take place.'

Why not be afraid? Because to those who are faithful to God, then there will be a deliverance. Let the flies and the rats fight amongst themselves, and they will. Believers should be smart, see the signs of the times, withdraw into the shadows of obscurity, make quick plans for escape when the knock comes at the door, or get to the mountains now before you even hear those foot steps and knocks, and 'endure until the end.'

Bible doctrine in the soul gives you clarity of thought. Clarity of thought gives you ideas. Ideas give you options. Options give you choices. And choices give you the opportunity to decide what is the right thing to do.

Fear, anger, emotions in general, will drive you with the herd, and right over the cliff, and once you have jumped off, then your options are severely limited.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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