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Matthew 24:48-50

Lesson # Matt. 24:48-50
Study Material - Matt. 24:48-50

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 24:48-50

48 But and [de] if [ean] that [ekeinos] evil [kakos] servant [doulos] shall say [epo] in [en] his [autos] heart [kardia] , My [mou] lord [kurios] delayeth [chronizo] his coming [erchomai] ;
49 And [kai] shall begin [archomai] to smite [tupto] his fellowservants [sundoulos] , and [de] to eat [esthio] and [kai] drink [pino] with [meta] the drunken [methuo] ;
50 The lord [kurios] of that [ekeinos] servant [doulos] shall come [heko] in [en] a day [hemera] when [hos] he looketh [prosdokao] not [ou] for him, and [kai] in [en] an hour [hora] that [hos] he is [ginosko] not [ou] aware of [ginosko] , KJV-Interlinear

Matt. 24:48-50

48 'But if that evil slave says in his heart, 'My master is not coming for a long time,' 49 and shall begin to beat his fellow slaves and eat and drink with drunkards; 50 the master of that slave will come on a day when he does not expect him and at an hour which he does not know, NASB

One of the biggest deceptions of life is the idea that, 'there is always plenty of time to get with a spiritual program in ones life later. William Barclay relates the following fable in his commentary:

'There is a fable which tells of three apprentice devils who were coming to this earth to finish their apprenticeship. They were talking to Satan, the chief of the devils, about their plans to tempt and to ruin men. The first said, 'I will tell them that there is no God.' Satan said, 'That will not delude many, for they know that there is a God.' The second said, 'l will tell men that there is no hell.' Satan answered, 'You will deceive no one that way; men know even now that there is a hell for sin.' The third said, 'I will tell men that there is no hurry.' 'Go,' said Satan, 'and you will ruin men by the thousands.' The most dangerous of all delusions is that there is plenty of time.' (The Gospel of Matthew, vol. 2 [Philadelphia: Westminster, 1975] , p. 317)

Indifference and procrastination are two of the biggest enemies of the individual. The idea that we can always do something tomorrow, so we justify pursuing the policy of our sin nature today. Somehow massaging our lusts just feels better, and trying to live what we perceive as the straight and narrow seems somewhat awkward. Or at least that is how people perceive the spiritual life. This idea is of course wrong.

Who is the slave? You and me. Who is the master? Jesus Christ. What is the masters policy? The Word of God. How do we come to know His policy and wishes? We read the policy manual - the Bible.

But the master has been away for a long time. It is very easy for people to say, 'Where is this God? Where is this Jesus? Hasn't He been gone for about 2000 years or so? Does He really exist? Is He really coming back?' Laugh, laugh, laugh, as they mock and ridicule and such.

So why then has so much time passed? We have two reasons given in the scriptures. First, because of sin has to run to its course. Second, because the time of the gentiles has to run its course. We are in the time of the gentiles. We also call our dispensation the Age of the Royal Family, or the Church Age. In this phase of history, there will be a continuing negativeness for Israel and thus they will suffer for it, while the age of the gentiles runs its course, Rom. 11:25. The gentile course will terminate with the Rapture.

Two things will have completed by that time. The gentiles will have completed their time in history, and the last generation, the one single generation of Israel, which will finally become positive toward and accept Christ, will be here alive on planet earth. The third thing, the running of the course of sin will be nearly complete. That is the seven year period of the Tribulation which will terminate with the near annihilation of the human race, and the Second Advent of Christ.

God has a plan and He runs that plan to its conclusion, with perfection. Does He delay? Yes, of course. Why? Because God does not wish for any to come to destruction. God can look down through the tunnel of time and see every person who will ever be born. There will be a final generation for the Royal Family. When that last person believes in Christ, the Rapture will occur. When the ark was completed and loaded, the rain began to fall.

When a phase of history has been completed, then God waits no longer and events occur - quickly. Nothing in life happens arbitrarily. Everything has its purpose. For history in general it is the positioning of the nations. For the planet it is the positioning of the continents, weather patterns and so forth. For the individual, things happen to test ones metal or to prove ones failure.

We are the slave. We were left with responsibilities and expectations from Christ. Our first responsibility is to hear God and to consider His point of view. Our second responsibility is to learn, and grow up spiritually, and that means living in fellowship, and applying Gods standards to our daily life. Our third responsibility is to others. To support the teaching of the Word of God, to support others in charity, to live and let live so to speak, and just get along with others. This is the comprehensive view of the spiritual life in a nut shell. The details of course come from the study of thousands of daily Bible lessons throughout ones life. Learning is a never ending process.

The person who procrastinates is the person who just does not get with a Bible study program in their life. They either reject God, or they pretend to embrace a spiritual life, or they are simply indifferent. They think as Esau did, that there will always be a tomorrow, or they just do not believe in this spiritual life stuff. So they drift through life and live in accordance with their sin nature.

The disobedient slave is the person who does not obey Gods commands. What are those commands? To study the Bible, learn it, apply it to ones life, to remain in fellowship, and to grow up spiritually. Those who do not abide by these principles strictly, are the bad slaves.

One day the master will return. This will happen in one of several ways. First, your life could be called for and your death can occur at any moment in time. Home you go for your evaluation if you are a believer. If you are an unbeliever, then your interim destination is Torments, then the Lake of Fire.

Too often people get lulled to sleep because things do not happen to them immediately. God gives us all a lot of rope, and often it seems that the gossips, the evil people, those who would compromise everything in life, get away with everything. Not so. They only fool themselves. Those who would use others to get ahead, those who gossip and malign, those who use criminal tactics, those who apply compromises to their life to satisfy their own egos or desires and so forth. Those folks will meet their end unprepared.

We do not know the moment or day of our death. We do not know the moment of the Rapture. We do not know the timing of the Second Advent, though God has given us a 150 day window in which it will occur at the end of the Tribulation. Given the nature of the world at that time, people will most likely lose track of time and dates by the end of the Tribulation. Uncertainty will be the order of the day.

Today we all have opportunities to advance to spiritual maturity under an umbrella of relative prosperity. We should take advantage of this now while it is available to us. Things could turn ugly over night, and our opportunities of spiritual growth, with ease, could evaporate.

God has given us two certainties in these past few verses. First to those who advance in their spiritual life, there will be greater blessing. Second, to those who do not pursue their spiritual life, there will be not only loss of blessing, there will be considerable suffering accompanying that loss. Unbelievers of course will suffer in time and in eternity while believers will suffer only during their lives here on earth, but they will lose out on their 'additional' blessings of eternity.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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