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Matthew 24:51

Lesson # Matt. 24:51
Study Material - Matt. 24:51

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 24:51

51 And [kai] shall cut [dichotomeo] him [autos] asunder [dichotomeo] , and [kai] appoint [tithemi] him his [autos] portion [meros] with [meta] the hypocrites [hupokrites] : there [ekei] shall be [esomai] weeping [klauthmos] and [kai] gnashing [brugmos] of teeth [odous] . KJV-Interlinear

Matt. 24:51

51 and shall cut him in pieces and assign him a place with the hypocrites; weeping shall be there and the gnashing of teeth. NASB

From Ex. 29:17, we have the concept of 'cutting into pieces.' Actually this means simply to be cut into two pieces. It carries the connotation of certain death. But not just any death, this is a death of terror, pain, suffering and all the mental fears and characteristics that accompany the anticipation of death, as well as the action of death.

The bad slave is anyone who does not prepare him/her self for the our inevitable meeting with the Lord. Unbelievers will meet Him at the Great White Throne at the end of human history, which is at the end of the Millennium. There they will receive their final evaluation.

Just as we receive our evaluation at the Judgment Seat of Christ immediately after the Rapture, so too everyone in history will receive their evaluation. That of the unbelievers, those who have rejected Christ, and will continue to reject Him (for such is the power of defiant arrogance) even as they stand before Him, at the Great White Throne, will be the worst possible evaluation. Their destiny will be permanent separation from God.

This is what they have wanted all their lives, and this is the wish they will receive. As they say, 'Be careful of what you wish for.' They do not know, or better put, they reject the description of life apart from God, which has been clearly described in the Bible.

Jesus gives us a stern reminder, that judgment is a certainty. Most folks white wash over the prospects of a judgment for them. People fall into several categories and most fit into a compromising and pretended spiritual life. They see themselves as being Christian but by their own definition of being a good person.

They in fact are not good, but in their own minds they imagine themselves as good. These types of people engage in gossip and judging as a normal part of their life. They do not take Christianity seriously. You'll find them in internet chat rooms, in internet bulletin boards, on the telephone, and in their social circles judging and condemning others. These are the hypocrites of whom Jesus is referring, but Jesus is also referring to others who will be numbered with the hypocrites, and they are those who do not pretend to be Christian. They reject outright God, His Word, and anything that smacks of religion.

So in view here we have two categories of unbelievers. Those who pretend as did the Pharisees, and those who just simply would have nothing to do with God or anything of a spiritual nature. Whether you are honest in your unbelief or dishonest in your unbelief, makes no difference. Rejection is rejection, and there is only one destiny for unbelievers - the Lake of Fire. Therein will be extreme terror, as is described by gnashing of teeth and weeping (uncontrollable crying, a crying that takes over ones entire person and of which cannot be stopped, the grief and terror and sorrow being so overwhelming). Not a good thing for unbelievers.

But there is also the believer side of this. Those who advance to spiritual maturity as God defines it (not as we ourselves define it) will receive many wonderful blessings and honors, beyond imagination.

Those who do not advance to spiritual maturity as God has defined it, will see many pressures and sorrows during their lifetime here on earth. Once a person goes to heaven, all their sorrows, etc., will go away. So the only time anyone (any believer) will receive discipline and trouble will be during their life here on earth.

Now who are these (believers) who disobey the Master? Any who are indifferent toward God, His Word, and spiritual growth. Any who attempt to redefine their spiritual life (falsely) based on some belief, or definition, or simply being a good person. Mans works were rejected at the Cross, and they are rejected in the spiritual life. Any who are defiant towards God, are in the disobedient category. Any who are selective in what they will or will not believe with respect to Gods principles contained in the Bible, are in the disobedient category. Of course any who try to incorporate compromises (human viewpoint additions) to what God teaches are in the disobedient category.

If you are not studying your Bible daily. If you are not in fellowship on a regular basis. If you are not in general compliance with what God commands. What did God command Abraham? Walk in righteousness and be perfect. Then if you are not following the principles intended by these statements, you are in a state of disobedience.

There are varying states of disobedience. Some might advance in their spiritual life from time to time. Others might be out of fellowship all of the time. So to those who float in and out of their spiritual life, their discipline will come and go. Still others might be advancing but they apply various compromises in their life, so they have a variety of blessings and disciplines in their life. For example, a person might be homosexual. A clear violation of Gods Word, but they might still have believed in Christ, and therefore are saved. They might even be studying the Bible and advancing in their spiritual life, but with handicaps on their advancement. They must confess their sin in order to get into fellowship. Until a sin is known, God forgives all unknown sins when confession is made to Him, so such a person could advance to some degree in their spiritual life, but when they learn that their life style is sinful, then they must confess it in order to continue their advancement. Some might confess it but continue to live with their compromise, in which case they would have to re-confess their sin whenever they participate in a homosexual thought or act.

Without confession of sin, any person is simply riding on their 'good' intentions. They do not advance spiritually. Thus they are unprepared and they will lack the spiritual insight provided by the spiritual life.

This same compromise attitude applies in many forms. Wives can reject their husbands role. Husbands can be jerks. Couples can shack up rather than get married. Anyone can participate in gossip on a regular basis, and so forth. This list of flaws in peoples lives can go on forever just about.

So the degree of consistency with which one applies him/her self to their spiritual life (if at all) will determine their level of obedience. Comply 100% and you'll advance far. Comply with varying degrees of consistency, and you'll advance to varying stages of maturity. Remember that Jesus has stated to us that to some the blessings will be 10 fold, to others 20 fold and so forth.

In life this applies to discipline as well. But suffering also comes in many forms. Sometimes suffering is from discipline imposed due to your spiritual failures and resistance to changing your views. Other forms of suffering comes to us to teach us and to test our spiritual metal. This is suffering for blessing.

We all live in the devils world and suffering is going to be a natural part of life. Sometimes it will be deserved, sometimes undeserved. Regardless of the pressures you have in life, you will either live through them with your spiritual stability, or if you lack spiritual assets, then you will suffer even more because of your lack of ability to deal with life's problems. In this case you are under a constant reminder that, first, you are not in charge of your life. The world is greater than you. And second, you need to change your ways, because you only have this life to prepare for eternity, and your evaluation before Christ.

Like a thief, Jesus will come and take you out of this world either in death, or at the Rapture. Once out of this world your preparation opportunities end. What is at stake? For unbelievers it is a destiny of tremendous terror. For believers, it will be the 'additional' blessings that are either claimed by yourself or given away and eternally lost to someone else.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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