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Matthew 25:34-40

Lesson # Matt. 25:34-40
Study Material - Matt. 25:34-40

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 25:34-40

34 Then [tote] shall the King [basileus] say [ereo] unto them on [ek] his [autos] right hand [dexios] , Come [deute] , ye blessed [eulogeo] of my [mou] Father [pater] , inherit [kleronomeo] the kingdom [basileia] prepared [hetoimazo] for you [humin] from [apo] the foundation [katabole] of the world [kosmos] :
35 For [gar] I was an hungred [peinao] , and [kai] ye gave [didomi] me [moi] meat [phago] : I was thirsty [dipsao] , and [kai] ye gave [potizo] me [me] drink [potizo] : I was [emen] a stranger [xenos] , and [kai] ye took [sunago] me [me] in [sunago] :
36 Naked [gumnos] , and [kai] ye clothed [periballo] me [me] : I was sick [astheneo] , and [kai] ye visited [episkeptomai] me [me] : I was [emen] in [en] prison [phulake] , and [kai] ye came [erchomai] unto [pros] me [me] .
37 Then [tote] shall the righteous [dikaios] answer [apokrinomai] him [autos] , saying [lego] , Lord [kurios] , when [pote] saw we [eido] thee [se] an hungred [peinao] , and [kai] fed [trepho] thee? or [e] thirsty [dipsao] , and [kai] gave thee drink [potizo] ?
38 [de] When [pote] saw we [eido] thee [se] a stranger [xenos] , and [kai] took thee in [sunago] ? or [e] naked [gumnos] , and [kai] clothed [periballo] thee?
39 [de] Or when [pote] saw we [eido] thee [se] sick [asthenes] , or [e] in [en] prison [phulake] , and [kai] came [erchomai] unto [pros] thee [se] ?
40 And [kai] the King [basileus] shall answer [apokrinomai] and say [ereo] unto them [autos] , Verily [amen] I say [lego] unto you [humin] , Inasmuch [epi] as [hosos] ye have done [poieo] it unto one [heis] of the least [elachistos] of these [touton] my [mou] brethren [adelphos] , ye have done [poieo] it unto me [emoi] . KJV-Interlinear

Matt. 25:34-40

34 'Then the King will say to those on His right, 'Come, you who are blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. 35 'For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in; 36 naked, and you clothed Me; I was sick, and you visited Me; I was in prison, and you came to Me.' 37 'Then the righteous will answer Him, saying, 'Lord, when did we see You hungry, and feed You, or thirsty, and give You drink? 38 'And when did we see You a stranger, and invite You in, or naked, and clothe You? 39 'And when did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You?' 40 'And the King will answer and say to them, 'Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.' NASB

There are only two very distinct categories of people on this earth. Those who have believed in Christ (believers), and those who have not (unbelievers). Within the category of believers, there is an additional distinction or sub-categories, if you will. Those who advance to spiritual maturity, and those who do not.

Christ addresses the first two categories, those who have believed in Christ, and then those who have rejected and refused to believe in Christ throughout their entire life.

Believers have inherited the Kingdom of God, since before time began. No person ever earned, or even deserved entrance into heaven based on their abilities or efforts. Mans works are not a part of Gods plan for getting into heaven.

Since eternity past, the decision had already been made for those who have believed in Christ, the Son of God (the only Son), to enter into heaven once human history is completed.

But, there is much more to the Christian way of life than just believing in Christ. Some folks think that they only need to believe in Christ and then pretty much forget about life thereafter. Couldn't be further from the truth. In life we all have responsibilities and obligations to God, to self, and to others. Depending on how we carry out our responsibilities in life, will determine our level of blessings in heaven.

There are two distinctions made here, which compare believers and unbelievers, but this principle can be extended to a comparison between positive and advancing believers, and those believers who do not advance in their spiritual life. We borrow from the Book of James for this principle extension, Jas. 2:15-17.

Jas. 2:15-17, 'If a brother or sister is without clothing and in need of daily food, 16 and one of you says to them, 'Go in peace, be warmed and be filled,' and yet you do not give them what is necessary for their body, what use is that? 17 Even so faith, if it has no works, is dead, being by itself. NASB

If we look to the needs of others and then send them on their way without helping them, when we have the means of helping, then we have failed in our responsibilities. Faith may well get you into heaven, but faith without an application of the foundation of principles which surround it, is nothing more than dead works.

Faith is intended to guide your obedience to, and trust in, God for your personal life. But it is more than that. God expects you to be helpful to others in life as well. Do our good deeds get us into heaven? No. Faith in Christ alone does that. But, there is a life after salvation, and God expects us to grow up and to become responsible members of His family.

Only family members qualify for an inheritance from the parents. We became family members when we believed in Christ. God accepts into His family anyone and everyone who abides by His rules of admission into His family - faith in Jesus Christ.

We have already seen that there are many blessings beyond the basic admission into heaven. Look around and you'll see that many people who have believed in Christ, are not such nice people. Why would a jerk, some lying thieving lowlife of a person be entitled to great authority anywhere, over a person who is wise and fair? Of course he (the low life) wouldn't be entitled.

So believing in Christ is just the beginning of ones spiritual life. Just as your physical birth is the beginning of your physical life. We don't consider these beginnings, to be the end of our life. Just as when you were a child, your parents expected you to grow up and become responsible in life, so too, God expects you to grow up spiritually and to be responsible spiritually in your life. To do less is considered failing in life.

Does doing good deeds get us more in heaven? No. Anyone can do good deeds during their life. But again, it is the sphere from within which you live which determines the nature of your good deeds. We call this either being in fellowship or out of fellowship. Helping a little old lady across the street is a good deed, but if you do it while out of fellowship, then your production is wood, hay, and stubble, or that which is worthless. It is from the energy of the flesh or of the sin nature.

On the other hand, if you are in fellowship and under the control of the Holy Spirit, and perform the same good deed, then that is divine production - gold, silver, and precious stones. This is the selfless and humble act of a truly honorable person - a believer advancing toward spiritual maturity.

Since Christ is in every believer, as of the moment of each of our initial faith in Him, then when we deal with other believers, we are in effect dealing with Christ. As we treat them, we also treat Christ. Those to whom we help in life either by supporting Bible teaching, or by supporting charities, or just being nice in our dealings with them, then we are also interacting with Christ. If we ignore our responsibilities (when we have the ability to be responsible - and we always have some means or ability), then we are in effect against Christ.

To those who comply with Gods will, there will be great blessings, even blessings far beyond those which will be available to all believers in Christ. And we comply with His will be merely doing those things that we should do anyway, but we must do them (application of Bible doctrine to our daily life) from within the environment which God has designed - fellowship - and from the foundation of wisdom, which comes from the Bible doctrine which we learn from our daily study of the Word of God.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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