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Revelation 4:5



5 And [kai] out of [ek] the throne [thronos] proceeded [ekporeuomai] lightnings [astrape] and [kai] thunderings [bronte] and [kai] voices: [phone] and [kai] there were seven [hepta] lamps [lampas] of fire [pur] burning [kaio] before [enopion] the throne, [thronos] which [hos] are [eisi] the seven [hepta] Spirits [pneuma] of God. [theos]    KJV-Interlinear



5 And from the throne proceed flashes of lightning and sounds and peals of thunder. And there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God;    NASB

And out of the throne, is an expression meaning, from the source of God. The throne is in heaven.Gods seat of government and power emanates from heaven, from the source of His own self.


The throne is the symbol of divine wisdom, and ultimate power, sovereignty, and authority.


And from this source, God, come lightning's and thundering’s and voices.  All of these symbolize the full majesty and glory and power and authority of God and of Gods presence, Ex. 19:16, Eze. 1:13.


These things are also associated with Gods judgments, Rev. 8:5, 11:19, 16:18.


And in Johns vision we have the total picture of Gods presence, power and ultimate authority, above which there is none greater.


Voices, typically refers to noise, sounds, sayings, or languages and all in the plural.And in connection with this verse by reference to the seven lamps (outdoor torches this time), and the seven spirits (the process for spiritual growth), then these voices are the collective messages of the Word of God, or Bible doctrine.


And, there were the seven lamps.  These lamps are outdoor torches, and not the same as the indoor lamps referred to earlier in chapter one.  These lamps burn with bright and powerful fires.


Which, lamps, are the seven spirits.  And we have already studied the seven spirits, which is a reference to the spiritual growth process as identified in Isa. 11 and Zech. 4. But this entire picture is in the present tense, making it a permanent fixture and apparatus for all of time.


God made but one thing greater than Himself, and that is Bible doctrine.  For without doctrine, we would have no knowledge, nor access to God, to truth, or to a destiny in heaven.  Doctrine is the lifeline by which we have life and a future to hope for.


This sevenfold representation speaks of wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, knowledge, reverence, and deity, in Isaiah, and in Zechariah of power, and here in our current verse of judgment.


The torches are also associated with war in Judg 7:16,20 and Nah 2:3-4.


So now what has occurred thus far in this book.


Christ was introduced, the Church was addressed.And note one more thing, the Church is a reference to us, you and me and all believers since the inception of our Church Age, all believers in our current dispensation.We are all Royalty, 1 Pet. 2:9, and we are all Ambassadors, 2 Cor. 5:20. 


In ancient times and even in our current day, when a nation is about to declare war on another nation, it first recalls its ambassadors that are in that foreign nation.


And that is the picture that is being painted here.The Rapture is in effect a recall of Gods ambassadors (believers in our Church Age), and now war is being declared against evil.


The stage is being set and in seven years time the invasion (Second Advent) will occur.  During those seven interim years, while we are in heaven, God will be executing the most massive judgments (artillery pounding if you will, prior to invasion) against humanity, that history has ever seen.Many will turn to God and will be saved, while many will turn hard against God and attempt to destroy humanity completely.


But in the mean time, war is declared by means of God flexing His muscles (so to speak), and having recalled his ambassadors from earth.

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