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Revelation 4:7





7 And [kai] the first [protos] beast [zoon] was like [homoios] a lion, [leon] and [kai] the second [deuteros] beast [zoon] like [homoios] a calf, [moschos] and [kai] the third [tritos] beast [zoon] had [echo] a face [prosopon] as [hos] a man, [anthropos] and [kai] the fourth [tetartos] beast [zoon] was like [homoios] a flying [petomai] eagle. [aetos]   KJV-Interlinear



7 And the first creature was like a lion, and the second creature like a calf, and the third creature had a face like that of a man, and the fourth creature was like a flying eagle.    NASB



John is peering into heaven and sees, around and through the throne (realm) of God (heaven), four entities.


They are not creatures that are alive, but the essence of life, the foundation of all that exists, the essence of life, the essence of God, the essence of Gods overall plan.


Of the four entities, they have the ‘likeness,’ ‘homoios,’ they have the character, the similarity, the manner, the attributes of four creatures with which we are familiar – the lion, the calf (or ox), the man, and the flying eagle.  Only the last entity is mentioned with an action, namely flying.


The likeness or uses of these four are:


Lion – strength or majesty;  the standard of Judah (celebrated) on the east, with Issachar (reward) and Zabulon (habitation).


Ox – service and endurance or patience;the standard of Ephraim (double fruit) on the west, with Manasseh (causing to forget) and Benjamin (son of the right hand).  Ephraim and Manasseh were the two sons of Joseph (add, increase), the double portion,


Man – reason;  the standard of  Reuben (first born, behold a son) on the south, with Simeon (to hear) and Gad (fortune).


Flying Eagle – far sightedness, accuracy of sight, and speed of flight;  the standard of Dan (judge) on the north, with Asher (happiness) and Naphtali (wrestling's of God).


And it is Levi (to adhere), the priesthood that marched in the middle (of the four sides-unseen) of the procession of the twelve tribes, which binds them all together.


And all of these characteristics and descriptions point to the essence of God, truth, His divine plan, the divine decrees, Bible doctrine.These are the essence, the very foundation of all of existence.


And where are they?


In the midst of Gods throne, which throne is occupied by Jesus Christ.


He is the sovereign, the dominion, the power, the everything that makes life what it is, that makes our destiny what it is, that gives us all hope and a purpose.Jesus Christ controls history.


And it is these four, that will call forth the four horsemen of the Tribulation, the unveiling and revealing of Gods plan, and Satan's demise.



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