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Revelation 6:15





15 And [kai] the kings [basileus] of the earth, [ge] and [kai] the great men, [megistanes] and [kai] the rich men, [plousios] and [kai] the chief captains, [chiliarchos] and [kai] the mighty men, [dunatos] and [kai] every [pas] bondman, [doulos] and [kai] every [pas] free man, [eleutheros] hid [krupto] themselves [heautou] in [eis] the dens [spelaion] and [kai] in [eis] the rocks [petra] of the mountains; [oros]  KJV-Interlinear



15 And the kings of the earth and the great men and the commanders and the rich and the strong and every slave and free man, hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains;    NASB



And just who will be affected by the circumstances that have been set loose in this world?  Everyone.


Kings – All leaders in government.


Great men - High officers of state, appointed, hired, or elected.


Rich men – People of wealth or celebrityship and worldly success.


Chief captains - Commanders of armies, commanders in business or enterprise of every type.


Mighty men - People of great prowess in battle, or business, who feel by their success or beliefs that they have no need of God.


Bondman - slaves or all workers in all classes that have not already been included in any of the above.


Freeman - masters of their own destiny (in their own eyes). And again, everyone who has not already been included in a list.


The idea is, that all classes of people, high and low, would be filled with alarm, distress, fear and anger, and ultimately terror.


To hide ones self from life, requires tremendous distress in ones life.Most folks can handle terrible tragedies in their life.  They deal with the trouble and they get through it.But in the Tribulation, trouble will be so overwhelming, the world will be so chaotic, that even the bravest of people, even the most stable, the most poised, the most educated, the most of anything that people possess which gives them confidence and mental stability in life, then none of these attributes will be sufficient to calm their nerves.


People will come unglued, overwhelmed with terror, and they will hide as all of life unravels all around them.


These are just descriptive words, and to most folks, words just do not convey the real terror that will occur in that future period.  And to describe an era where the total population of the world will cower in absolute fear, is almost beyond the ability of words.


And the fear does not come only from storms and earthquakes and such, most of it comes from people.People who are gangs on the hunt for theft and murder and rape and torture and worse. 


Most of the worlds population will be helpless in their communities or homes or wherever they happen to be.  Remember that public services, and commercial businesses will be all but dismantled in the tyranny and chaos, so people will be without transportation, without income, without food, without decent shelter.


Even the things that you take for granted like an aspirin for a headache, or medicine for allergies, or bandaids for cuts and worse, food, water, toilets, will not be available.This makes for a really bad environment and a miserable life.


Again, look to exactly what we have been studying in this chapter.  We have only the words, only the headlines, on a scroll being revealed.  We know of the white horse, the red horse, the black horse, the grey horse, the prayers of fallen believers, the instability of the planet, the total disruption of life and the extreme misery that will come to everyone.


That is all that has thus far been revealed.


The scroll has writing on both sides, which means tremendous details of all of these events and circumstances, but we are only given the chapter headings, so to speak.


And these are all future.So this writing to us and to everyone in our current dispensation, is a warning, that if you have not believed in Christ, and if the Rapture does occur in your lifetime, then you will be living in this disastrous time, and you will be pushed to the brink of your fears and beyond.


Today we have the writing. Unfortunately most folks will not read this book or any study concerning it.Most folks do not do much reading, let alone recognize the consequences of life due to their day to day decisions.


But soon the trumpets will blow. That is coming up later on, but what is the difference between a written document and a blast of a trumpet?  Well, most folks won’t read, but they will look up when they hear trumpets.


What are trumpets used for?They sound an alarm.  They announce the arrival of something or someone. They get attention, when a document does not draw the necessary attention required.


Documents have to be opened, read, pages turned, and comprehended.  An awful lot of work for a person these days.  But documents can give information long in advance of an event, such that you could have more than enough time to get prepared.


The trumpets, on the other hand, make an announcement of things that are imminent.  Someone is about to enter a room, something is about to arrive.And these things are already on their way, and cannot be stopped.  Early preparation is nearly impossible.


And that is the purpose of the trumpets that we will be studying pretty soon. They will be the next level of warning.


And then we will see the bowls being poured out, and that is the actual action of all of these events that will bring the world to its knees and worse.


While many different things will be described within each of these groups, all of the activities and events will take place on a scale that is beyond our comprehension.  Even scary movies cannot convey to your personal experience, the fear and terror and horror that will take place.


And just as people do not generally take notice of massive earthquakes and death tolls, of volcanoes that disrupt transportation in an entire continent, rising debt and people rioting because of lost benefits, the rise of socialism and the rise of attacks against biblical principles, which any one of these is sufficient to get noticed, then so too, as time advances and when the Tribulation actually begins, people will still be blind to the extreme events occurring in their day.


One wonders just how far humanity has to be pushed before people get it.  And that question is actually answered within this book of Revelation.Humanity will be pushed to the very brink of extinction, and still most of the population will reject truth, and the error of their ways.


It should be easy to see how people even now, reject truth, as the trials of life are relatively gentle, when compared to what they will become in the future.  And that is unfortunate.



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