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Revelation 6:17





17 For [hoti] the great [megas] day [hemera] of his [autos] wrath [orge] is come; [erchomai] and [kai] who [tis] shall be able [dunamai] to stand [histemi]?  KJV-Interlinear



17 for the great day of their wrath has come; and who is able to stand?"    NASB



In chapters nine through eleven, much more of the wrath of God is revealed.  Between the sixth and seventh trumpet, and the first and third woes, described in detail, there are seven thunders, which are not described.The descriptions of the seven thunders are in fact withheld from us, and will not be revealed until they actually occur.


Given that we have many horrible descriptions which will result in the death of half of the worlds population, one can only attempt to imagine the horror that the thunders represent.


Now, thus far in our study, of this chapter, we have only the highlights of the documented turmoil and judgments which are going to occur.


At the end of this chapter, people will be so horrified and in so much terror, from what they know is coming, that they wish and hope for mountains to fall on them and end their misery.Why, because Gods judgment has not yet been executed against them, but it is coming and they know it.


They (the population of the world) know, from all of the signs, from all of the events, from everything that is happening all around them, that this is indeed the end, typically described as the day of judgment, the day of the lord, Isa 2:10-11, 19-21; 13:9-13; 34:4,8; Ezek 32:7-8; Hos 10:8; Joel 2:11,30; Zeph 1:14; Mal 4:5.


Typically in our current day, when a storm or some huge event occurs people all say, rather arrogantly, ‘this is the sign of the end,’ when nothing of the sort is true.


Today people tend to exaggerate way out of proportion and way out of Gods timeline, the things that happen, probably just to gain influence or attention for themselves.  Besides, it is rather fun to discuss, from the safety of our homes and computers, all of the possibilities.


Were the truth be known and understood, there are no prophecies that are designated for our dispensation, except for the Rapture.All events that occur in our dispensation are nothing more than the setting up of the stage for those final years and events of history, which will occur in the Tribulation.


When the steam engine was invented, it was to be the end of the world.  When electricity was discovered, it was to be the end of the world.  When the airplane was invented, it was to be the end of the world.When nuclear fission was discovered, it was most certainly the end of the world. 


The end of the world has come and gone so many times, that certainly someone has even suggested that rap music must be an integral part of the end.  And I heard on the news just a week ago, that some clerics have blamed all of the recent earthquakes on women who have large breasts.  And if you are offended then get over it.But you can see that the absurd has no limitations.


The year 2000 was to be the end, and now it is the year 2012.


Well as these dates and events come and go, people have a tendency to look for something else, probably just to keep from being bored.


And no, the events in the Middle East, the events on Afghanistan and Pakistan, the events in Africa, the rising debt, and a long list of other things that are happening in the world, are not the signs of the end.Not even close.


The sign of the end, the day of the Lord, will come at one time and one time only in history and it will be within the seven year period of the Tribulation.


You and I and all believers now, in our dispensation of this Church Age, will never see that day.


From what we have already been studying, it should be very clear that in that day, the world will be literally falling apart, with death all around, and it will then and only then, be very clear to all (no exceptions), that the end has finally arrived. 


There will not be any goofballs standing on the street corner holding signs announcing the end.  There  probably won’t be any street corners left on which to stand.There won’t be any news headlines.There probably won’t be any printed news left to read.There won’t be any journalists or reporters on site to cover the ‘end.’  They will be hiding like everyone else, if indeed they are still alive.


What is important to you and me and to all believers, even unbelievers, in our current day, is Christ and doctrine.


As an unbeliever, you need to believe in Christ so that you will avoid that future horrible day.  It will not be an adventure, it will not be something that you would want to experience. Try putting your face into a burning hot fire, just for the experience of it, then perhaps you will gain some understanding of the seriousness of all of this.


You have heard of blonde jokes, that make fun of mindless people who wander through life in a fog.Well, most people today, act as though they possess this blonde mentality.  And instead of being unable to handle things of a serious nature, they choose to ignore them.


It is much more fun to have rosy glows and sing songs, and repeat verses, and gossip over the recent ‘end of days’ news.


Knuckling down to a daily nuts and bolts study, just isn’t much fun.


So where do you suppose all of this will lead?





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