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Revelation 8:6





6 And [kai] the seven [hepta] angels [aggelos] which [ho] had [echo] the seven [hepta] trumpets [salpigx] prepared [hetoimazo] themselves [heautou] to [hina] sound. [salpizo]   KJV-Interlinear



6 And the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound them.    NASB



One day in the future, the evils of humanity will become so bad, that God will rain destruction down upon the earth, and put the earth under such a high degree of pressure, that virtually everything that man counted as worthy, will be destroyed.


The winepress of judgment will squeeze and squeeze and squeeze humanity until all that will believe in Christ, will do so, and all that will ultimately refuse to believe, will fix themselves permanently in their hate against Christ.


All of the efforts of humanity to save and to preserve, and to, in effect, control the planet and society, all of those attempts will fail miserably.


Today we see ongoing efforts to create social equities, to create a one world monetary, economic, and government system, and even to control the climate.  And while the publicity is directed at human decency, hope and change, rights and equality, and the avoidance of decline and hardship in every respect, the underlying motive is greed and lust for power and control over all.


The result?  Total failure and devastation, and atrocities beyond imagination.


Even the current oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, though it is not even in the top twenty worst oil spills of all time, is getting so much publicity, that you would think that it is the worst of the worst of disasters.The global warming hoax, which was exposed earlier this past year, over false statistics, and false motives of a few scientists and politicians, is not even covered in the major news outlets, except for a couple of them.  But then the global warming and anti-business, and health care issues have become the cornerstones for gaining control over virtually everything and everyone on the planet, so, to discredit them would cancel out all attempts to accomplish the ultimate objective of ruling the world.


And ruling the world is whose objective?


Both Satan and man, in lacking Gods truth, pursue the most bizarre policies, driven by ego and lust, deception and corruption, and all of mans (and Satan’s) plans will culminate in the world’s most horrific disasters, ever.


But worse than that, they will end in the world’s most horrific atrocities, ever.  Because when human plans fail, then people are blamed and people end up paying the ultimate price in suffering and persecution.We have already seen this in the removal of the first five seals.


And at some point God will says, ‘Enough.’  And now while mans plans continue in their downward spiral, Gods plans begin to unfold, and become ever closer, as the trumpets of announcement are being readied due to Gods hearing and accepting the prayers of believers from all of human history, and especially those increased prayers that will be offered in the Tribulation.


The rapid pace of the judgments that the trumpets will unleash, including still undefined judgments called the seven thunders, will bring everyone, without exception, to the conclusion that it is indeed God, and specifically Jesus Christ, who is behind them.  And from Him there will be no place to run or hide.



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