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Revelation 8:10-11





10 And [kai] the third [tritos] angel [aggelos] sounded, [salpizo] and [kai] there fell [pipto] a great [megas] star [aster] from [ek] heaven, [ouranos] burning [kaio] as it were [hos] a lamp, [lampas] and [kai] it fell [pipto] upon [epi] the third part [tritos] of the rivers, [potamos] and [kai] upon [epi] the fountains [pege] of waters; [hudor]

11 And [kai] the name [onoma] of the star [aster] is called [lego] Wormwood: [apsinthos] and [kai] the third part [tritos] of the waters [hudor] became [ginomai] [eis] wormwood; [apsinthos] and [kai] many [polus] men [anthropos] died [apothnesko] of [ek] the waters, [hudor] because [hoti] they were made bitter. [pikraino]  KJV-Interlinear



10 And the third angel sounded, and a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of waters;

11 and the name of the star is called Wormwood; and a third of the waters became wormwood; and many men died from the waters, because they were made bitter.    NASB



First we need to peek quickly at the first verse in the next chapter.  There another star falls from heaven, and to that star was given a key.


That star as with this star in our current verse, is not a literal celestial body, but is representative of the commands issued by God, from heaven, and pointed toward earth.


The star did not fall, but came down from.The star was not a literal star or a comet or an asteroid, but was an expression which indicates that the judgment represented by the star, came from God, who resides on His thone, in heaven.


If a literal star had struck the earth, then the earth would not survive such a strike.  Actually the earth would have burned up long before the star reached it.So this is not a star.Likewise, the waters of the world, a third of them, are going to be made bitter.  Any comet or asteroid would not affect the world’s water supply in that manner.  They could not break apart in to enough pieces to affect the worlds water supply, which by the way also includes wells and springs.


This star carried with it a lamp as in a lamp-bearer, lighting its way from heaven to the earth.  And this message makes it very clear that, that message if one from God.


If the human race chooses to be bitter or sour on doctrine, which is the living sweet waters of life, then the world deserves to have bitter water for its own consumption to match its attitude.


And so, the third trumpet strikes the worlds fresh water supply with wormwood, which means bitterness or poison.


Evil is never sweet but bitter.Evil is never right but wrong.Evil is never life but death.


And so the world has chosen evil over truth even with what has already occurred thus far in the Tribulation.


Quick review. By the end of the Church Age, everyone who will believe in Christ, will have done so.The great apostasy predicted by Jesus and again Paul, will be the state of the world.  The Rapture will occur so as to restart the Age of Israel and conclude its final seven years of history, but also to bring to bear more pressure so that more people will believe in Christ and be saved.


During that time (the seven years), God will allow Satan and his ‘messiah’ to have their chance at bringing in their utopia.It will fail horribly and millions will die in the process.  Most of those will have believed in Christ, due to the extreme stress they were enduring at the hands of the anti-christ and his policies.


But the world is still evil and there are still many remaining that will believe in Christ, but they will need more pressure brought to bear, before they believe.  Thus the trumpet, woe, thunder, and bowl judgments.


With increasing pressure from God, many will believe and many will dig themselves deeper into their rejection of Christ.


With the first three trumpets, the plant life, the seas, and now the fresh water supplies are the targets of Gods judgment.And as with each judgment, some will perish, but now with this third trumpet, the human death rate will grow more rapidly.


Fresh water will become bitter to the point of poisonous.


But in each of these trumpet judgments, not all of the world is struck.Most of the world is left unaffected, at least indirectly.


Note that when the first and second angels sounded their trumpets, the judgment occurred immediately.  But with the third trumpet sounding, the message was sent from heaven, and that message was clear (a flamebearer), or was intended to be made clear, that these were not ordinary actions of nature, but actions directly from God.


Humanity always has the choice between truth or bitterness.  Which do you suppose is the better of the two?



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