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Revelation 9:1





1 And [kai] the fifth [pemptos] angel [aggelos] sounded, [salpizo] and [kai] I saw [eido] a star [aster] fall [pipto] from [ek] heaven [ouranos] unto [eis] the earth: [ge] and [kai] to him [autos] was given [didomi] the key [kleis] of the bottomless [abussos] pit. [phrear]   KJV-Interlinear



1 And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star from heaven which had fallen to the earth; and the key of the bottomless pit was given to him.    NASB



For four trumpets, people have been given the chance to repent, and believe in Christ.  They do not.  God went so far to as to give all of humanity a short pause or interruption in the action, before continuing on with further judgments.


During the first half of the Tribulation, humanity did a pretty good job of inflicting devastation on himself.But, the utopia failed.


At the mid-point in the Tribulation, Satan will be cast (thrown) out of heaven, and down to the earth.  And while the angels have from time to time been referred to as stars, the stars of God, and so forth, here in this book, Satan is never referred to as a star, but as a dragon.


And you will find many commentaries that ascribe the star mentioned in this verse as Satan, however, it is not.


First, these judgments are from God.God administers all judgment from a position of righteousness, and never from evil.  Satan is not an ally in the dissemination of Gods judgment.Second, from the perspective of these trumpet judgments, Satan will already have been ‘thrown’ out of heaven by force.This angel did not fall, was not thrown out, but, ‘pipto,’ came down, descended with self control.This angel was delivering a message from God, namely a key to the Abyss.


The bottomless pit, ‘abussos phrear,’ is a reference to a very dark and evil place, an infernal, that has no limit, no bottom.  And the lack of a bottom, is a spiritual expression meaning that those in the pit have no limit for evil, but are the quintessence of evil.They are very dark, very corrupt, very degenerate, very evil beyond imagination.


Thus far, humanity has failed in his own plans.Humanity has been warned with four ominous judgments.  Humanity has chosen evil over repentance, and now God is going to show humanity exactly what evil really is.


If you were to imagine the worst possible horror movie, then multiply that many times over, then you might be able to begin, repeat begin, to imagine what evil really is.  Of all of the horrors that have occurred in human history, none of them come close to the descriptions of evil that will rise out of the Abyss.


And the next few verses will describe only the first woe (the fifth trumpet), with two more yet to come.  Things will  only get worse for those who refuse to repent.And then there will be the seven thunders, for which we have no description, and then the seven bowl judgments.


For most folks in our current day, if they lose their job, or break a bone, or have an accident of some sort, they turn to God almost immediately.  But in that future time, the horrors that will be inflicted on humanity will be horrendous, and yet people will still hold firm to their rejection of Christ.



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