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Revelation 9:8





8 And [kai] they had [echo] hair [thrix] as [hos] the hair [thrix] of women, [gune] and [kai] their [autos] teeth [odous] were [en] as [hos] the teeth of lions. [leon]   KJV-Interlinear



8 And they had hair like the hair of women, and their teeth were like the teeth of lions.    NASB



Hair as the hair of women and teeth as the teeth of lions.  John lists two more comparisons to demonstrate just how unusual these creatures are.


And in this situation, we have to look to stereotyping to understand what John was seeing.


The hair as of women, is typically long flowing well kept hair.  And though these demons are riding into battle as warriors, they have a feminine side.This is a contrast between a masculine (warrior) side and a feminine (self ego,  narcissistic, vain, self absorbed, egotistic) side that is being described.


In a normal world people follow normal characteristics.However, in an abnormal world, people follow abnormal characteristics, or character which is against the norm.


Normal follows truth.When truth is rejected, then the normal fades into the abnormal.  Masculine traits take on feminine traits, and feminine traits take on masculine traits.These are typical characteristics of people who reject God, Christ, doctrine, and truth. Their character takes on the opposite of what is normal for them.  As an example, men wear jewelry, or grow their hair long, etc.Women cut their hair short and take on masculine traits.


These demons possess the feminine traits of long flowing well kept hair, and yet they are charging into battle as though they are going to be victorious.  They have been locked up for a very long time.They are out for only five months.They are constrained by Gods rules.And yet they show no remorse, no regret, no repentance of any kind.  Overly eager to raid humanity and inflict as much pain and suffering as they possibly can.  And yet they still take extra good care of their hair, with pride.


Teeth like that of lions, which simply means that they have powerful and ravenous biting capabilities.  Their bites will not be love nibbles, but tearing and ripping as a lion would do to a new (still living) victim.


Again, no remorse, no concern for the victim, only hate and violence.


This is what unbelievers have waiting for them in that future period, which they cannot prevent.


But, we are not finished even yet, with the descriptions of what is still to come.



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