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Revelation 9:11

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11 And [kai] they had [echo] a king [basileus] over [epi] them, [hautou] which is the angel [aggelos] of the bottomless pit, [abussos] whose [autos] name [onoma] in the Hebrew tongue [Hebraisti] is Abaddon, [Abaddon] but [kai] in [en] the Greek tongue [Hellenikos] hath [echo] his name [onoma] Apollyon. [Apolluon]   KJV-Interlinear



11 They have as king over them, the angel of the abyss; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in the Greek he has the name Apollyon.    NASB



The demons are not a mob of mindless and reckless creatures.They are a well disciplined and well organized army, if you will.


Abaddon,’ means destroying angel, perishing, destruction, to wander away, to have no place to flee.


Apollyon,’ means to destroy, to destroy fully, to die, to eliminate permanently, separate, cessation, punishment.


This demon is the general of the Abyss.One of whom even the demons under his command would fear, otherwise being bad themselves, they would not be obedient to him.


This is not Satan.  Satan is the prince of the air, Eph. 2:2, with his domain in the heavenlies, Eph. 6:12.  Satan does not rule in the Abyss and has not seen his followers who have been in the Abyss, since they were committed there at some point in the pre-historic past.


And by the way, if you have been familiar with prehistoric era’s, dinosaurs, and so forth, then given the popular theory that the dinosaurs were destroyed by a meteorite or asteroid or some such thing, you might consider that these demons had something to do with that destruction, thus being locked up in the Abyss.  Otherwise, why were they in there and not other demons under Satan’s rule?Why did God allow the dinosaurs to be destroyed, and not continue on into our era.Or was that final destruction the final act in the Satanic plan to defeat God, and then was stunned when God introduced Adam etc. into history?


The only two things that we do have for sure is the description of these beings and their leader, and the knowledge that we have of our own world history.  Does one plus one, add up in this case?


Satan and these demons are very real creatures.Our planets history is a very real history.The two of them cannot be separated from each other, one not having anything to do with the other, because Satan’s fall is directly related to his judgment, to his eventual punishment, and our existence.  All of creation groans under the burden of evil.  Evil is Satan, et al.  Anyway, no extra charge for that tidbit.  Just food for wondering.


His name is given in both the Hebrew and the Greek.Demons have no favorites among humanity, neither Jew nor Gentile mean anything to them.  We are as bugs under their feet, a nuisance to be rid of.


Even from within the darkness and intense pressures of the Abyss, this demon maintained order.  And even with all of that hate and evil, intense evil, he is still under the thumb of Jesus Christ. 


Just the ‘word’ of Christ, possesses power over the worse of the demon generals.



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