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Revelation 9:12

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12 One [mia] woe [ouai] is past; [aperchomai] and, behold, [idou] there come [erchomai] two [duo] woes [ouai] more [eti] hereafter [meta]. [tauta]   KJV-Interlinear



12 The first woe is past; behold, two woes are still coming after these things.    NASB



With one woe over, John states flatly that two more are coming.  He does not suggest that they might come, or could possibly be avoided, but that they were already on their way.


John wrote these words over 1900 years ago.People throughout the ages have read these words and people throughout the ages have known what was to take place at some point in the future.


Unfortunately the people that these judgments will apply to, do not seem to be familiar with these prophecies, nor anything else regarding the truths that the Bible discloses.Perhaps that is why the world by then, will be in such a desperate way. Ya think?


People standing at a bus station reading the bus schedule make better use of the information that they are reading, than the folks who will be living through these judgments during the Tribulation.


Prophecies are specific, definite, and firm.People that they apply to, know exactly what and when, because they will experience them first hand.  They also have an out.  But will they take it?


The fifth trumpet discloses the first woe.Woe. ‘ouai,’ means grief.  This is now in the feminine and as such means that a period of pause will occur so that one can at least exhale with some sigh of relief once the suffering ends.


The demons are rounded up and sent back into the Abyss. They do not remain out on the loose.Jesus Christ controls history.


The sixth trumpet will reveal the second woe.It will be worse than the first.The second woe extends to Rev. 11:14, and the third woe will run from Rev. 11:15-19, and then the seven bowl judgments will be revealed and unleashed.


With each incremental judgment things will get worse and worse and worse for humanity.  And while many will eventually be humbled enough (caving in under the extreme pressure) to believe in Christ, and thus be saved, many more will still refuse to believe. 


Such is the power of arrogance.Once you surrender yourself to arrogance, it is more and more difficult to escape from.  Stubbornness and ego just refuse to let go.Embarrassment becomes a greater enemy and threat insuring disaster and failure, thus preventing faith and success and happiness.


People always have a period within which to make their commitment to Christ.  That commitment takes but a second to think six simple words, ‘Father, I believe in Jesus Christ.’  And that is all it takes to be saved and reserve for yourself, a place in heaven.  And, I might add, avoiding a place in the eternal fires of the Lake of Fire.


It has been that way since the time of Adam.It remains even now, the only way to be saved, and it will remain that way until the end of human history.


All you have to do to be saved, is to believe in Christ.  All that the people who will live in the Tribulation, need to do to be saved, is to believe in Christ.  It is literally the simplest thing to do. 


And yet so many will refuse to even think those simple words.  That is the quintessence of stubbornness and stupidity.  And so, more grief will be on its way.



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