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Revelation 9:15

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15 And [kai] the four [tessares] angels [aggelos] were loosed, [luo] which [ho] were prepared [hetoimazo] for [eis] an hour, [hora] and [kai] a day, [hemera] and [kai] a month, [men] and [kai] a year, [eniautos] for to [hina] slay [apokteino] the third part [tritos] of men. [anthropos]  KJV-Interlinear



15 And the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, were released, so that they might kill a third of mankind.    NASB



How many times has the Bible warned of impending doom if people do not comply with that which God teaches?


What exactly does God teach anyway?


How many times are people told to love the Lord, with all of one’s heart, mind and soul?  How many really understand this mandate?  Very, very few unfortunately.


How many times are people told that there is reward for obedience, and cursing for disobedience? And how many times do people listen, and how many times do people disregard the scriptures?


How many times do people believe that they can do whatever they wish, believe whatever they wish, be an authority unto themselves, disregard Gods teaching and rules and mandates for society, and create their own destiny better than that which God offers?


How many times do people believe that they can just be nice or try to be good, and that is sufficient for God and heaven and reward?


And yet that is the very reason that God has established a timetable, and specific timetable for history.And that is why humanity is going to go down the toilet of history.


Adam and eve were created at the exact moment and time intended in history.  The flood came at a specific time in history.Jesus came into the world at the fullness of time, at the exact time intended by God.  You were born into history at the exact moment that God intended for you to enter history.  You were not an accident from Gods perspective.


And so, judgment comes as scheduled as well.Your departure has already been predetermined.


You have but to display your intent to comply with Gods will, or not.  And that compliance includes obedience to authority as God designed over you, to obedience to the scriptures, to many other patterns of obedience and so forth.


Most people, unfortunately are disrespectful, disloyal to God, and have an indifferent attitude, or a compromising one at best.  And one day, that will come back to haunt every living soul.


At some specific time in the future, the world will be full, loaded to the gills, with people who hate truth, who hate God, and who hate Christ.  Woe, is not a sufficient word to describe the consequences of their decisions.


There is an evil waiting to enter into society.Four angels, demons and their armies that are itching at the bit, to cross over the river as it were, to destroy humanity.


A very long time ago, a single man crossed over, from evil to truth.  That man was Abram, whose name was changed to Abraham.


At some future date, an army of demons will cross over, and the Euphrates is the relative barrier used symbolically for that crossing over.They will come to kill, to slaughter, to maim, to annihilate, to kill with great violence and terror.They will have no conscience, no remorse, no concern for any living thing.  They will not hear the cries for mercy.  They will not hear the pleadings for compassion.They will take delight, laughable delight in what they are about to do to humanity.


And one-third, of the population of humanity in the entire world, is going to be murdered violently.


That will be a lot of death, a lot of stench, a total disruption of every human system in society, as mans efforts to make his own rules, to preserve and perpetuate himself with great disregard for truth and his own actions, will finally come to an end.


Pushed further and further into the pit of despair, and pressed harder and harder between the rock and the hard place, humanity will still not see the light.


Anyone has the opportunity to free themselves from judgment by means of faith in Christ. Everyone has the opportunity to advance to completion within themselves, through spiritual growth.


How many times have people been told this?And what do most folks do?They simply do not take the spiritual life, or Gods design for the spiritual life, seriously.


The question is, ‘Are you, one of them?’



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