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Revelation 9:19

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19 For [gar] their [autos] power [exousia] is [eisi] [esti] in [en] their [autos] mouth, [stoma] and [kai] in [en] their [autos] tails: [oura] for [gar] their [autos] tails [oura] were like [homoios] unto serpents, [ophis] and had [echo] heads, [kephale] and [kai] with [en] them [autos] they do hurt. [adikeo]   KJV-Interlinear



19 For the power of the horses is in their mouths and in their tails; for their tails are like serpents and have heads; and with them they do harm.    NASB



The horse is symbolic for the mode, thundering power, and fury of an attacking army.  They charge, cannot be stopped or repelled, and they run right through their enemy with violent force.  Terms of John’s day were used in order to accurately describe and convey the idea of the image that John had seen.


The heads of a lion, for fierceness, cunning, natural tendencies or instincts to hunt prey and so forth.The mouth has teeth for vicious tearing and gripping.And now the tails.


The tails are described as serpents.Serpents in Johns day, ‘ophis,’ was for poisonous snakes whose venom was deadly.  And of which if bitten by the snake, the venom was fatal.There would be no cure or anti-venom for this particular bite.


Hurt or harm, ‘adikeo,’ means to be unjust, to do wrong, to hurt, injure, to inflict suffering.And this comes to mean that those who are attacking will do so without concern for whom or why they are attacking.There is no justice, no due process, no fairness in their motives.  They will just kill and kill some more.


And as for the victims, they will see these attacking forces as unfair, as victims, being treated unfairly, ‘why me’ sort of attitude, ‘not fair,’ and so forth.  They will not see themselves as wrong doers.The will not see themselves as guilty of anything.In short, they reject Gods indictment against them, with overwhelming evidence.  They deny their guilt and proclaim their innocence.


In short, a society that has fallen so far into their degenerate pit, that they are incapable of seeing their sins, crimes and faults.


John describes a violent and powerful and supernatural event, the likes of which the world has never seen.Even if movie makers tried to duplicate this, that sci-fi film would not convey the total horror of the real thing.


Also, since only one-third of humanity is going to be murdered in such a violent manner, the implication here is that this event will be a hurried one, short lived, and the demons will be rushed to a frenzy to complete their killing spree.


On the one hand, Satan would wish that all of humanity would die, but God limits the destruction to only one-third.If they had their way, the demons would have killed everyone.  Thus the frenzied rush to kill all, but the limits placed by God prevents that from occurring.


This frenzy also contributes the chaotic scene of terror that will exist in the world.  Prisoners are not taken!



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