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Revelation 10:2

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2 And [kai] he had [echo] in [en] his [autos] hand [cheir] a little book [bibliaridion] open: [anoigo] and [kai] he set [tithemi] his [autos] right [dexios] foot [pous] upon [epi] the sea, [thalassa] and [de] his left [euonumos] foot on [epi] the earth, [ge]   KJV-Interlinear



2 and he had in his hand a little book which was open. And he placed his right foot on the sea and his left on the land;    NASB



The angel coming down out of heaven, represents the full sovereign force and power of God in all of His majesty.


The little book mentioned now, is not another book, for it does not go into any detail as to its content, nor is it represented as being a different book from that which has already been revealed.


Recall that we began this long study with a scroll having been revealed in chapter five.  That book, or scroll, was described using the word, ‘biblion,’ which describes a full and detailed and completed scroll with seven seals.


This book is now revealed using the word, ‘bibliaridion,’ which represents a booklet, or a summary of something more comprehensive.


This book is one and the same, as the book revealed in chapter five, but now there is a difference.  This book has been revealed after all of the seven seals have been removed, revealing the future history that will take place.


The angel carried in his hand, the summary of which we have just completed our study in these last nine chapters.


And now the details will be revealed beginning in chapter eleven.


Remember that Revelation is a disclosure of the future in three aspects.  First, it is written, represented by the scroll.  The future is not going to change, even though we, humanity and Satan and his fallen angels, know of its writing.


Second, the trumpets represent the announcement of the coming of the future. Trumpets announce, and when they sound, then everyone stops doing whatever they are doing and look up to see what or who is making their entrance.  In this case, the future is being announced by the trumpets, and making its entrance into history.And then there is the third aspect, which are the bowls, and that is the actual execution of that future history.


Everyone has fair and thorough and complete warning.No one has any excuse.


Thus far, we have been studying the summary of the Tribulation.  And even the summary has been very dramatic, and should for some folks, be enough to get them to pursue their spiritual life.  But, as we have already seen, there will be a future generation, who will be defiant to the bitter end, rejecting truth in all of its form, despite overwhelming proofs and events to the contrary.


Likewise, people in our current day, set examples of that same type of defiance and indifference.  Perhaps you are one of them???


The angel, which descended is one of a similar type – an angel, but of a different nature.  He represents the full power and force of Gods essence.And the little book which has already been opened, all seven seals removed, means that this is the end of the summary, the gloves are now off, and all hell (so to speak) is going to cut loose on humanity.


The angel descends and his feet touch on the land and the sea.  Standing and planted there with firm positioning.  This indicates the total coverage, the massive size, the complete magnitude of the judgments to come.  The entire world is now on trial, and there will be no place to hide.


Even though you, if you are a believer in Christ, will never see these events, the principles being taught herein still apply to you, even now.


You are still under an obligation to God, to grow up in your spiritual life.  God will not be lenient with you, in the future if you reject your obligation of spiritual growth now, just as He will not be lenient with those who reject Him in the future for their future rejection, which we are currently studying. 


You risk losing phenomenal blessings for all of eternity.  But does that carry any meaning?


Those future folks see more value in their possessions and activities, than they do in God and doctrine, and therefore will lose everything.


People today, also see more value in their possessions and activities, and therefore will lose most, if not all, of their eternal blessings.


Is there any difference between the attitudes of now when compared to the attitudes of tomorrow?  We might read in wonder at the phenomenal stupidity and stubbornness of those future folks, but then what of our own dedication to doctrine?



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