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Revelation 10:4

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4 And [kai] when [hote] the seven [hepta] thunders [bronte] had uttered [laleo] their [heautou] voices, [phone] I was about [mello] to write: [grapho] and [kai] I heard [akouo] a voice [phone] from [ek] heaven [ouranos] saying [lego] unto me, [moi] Seal up [sphragizo] those things which [hos] the seven [hepta] thunders [bronte] uttered, [laleo] and [kai] write [grapho] them [tauta] not. [me]   KJV-Interlinear



4 And when the seven peals of thunder had spoken, I was about to write; and I heard a voice from heaven saying, "Seal up the things which the seven peals of thunder have spoken, and do not write them."     NASB



The seven peals of thunder were not simply thundering sounds in the distance, but actual words or events or something that John was able to comprehend and then write about.  The seven peals of thunder were seven distinct communications, just as all of the other series of sevens were communications of one sort or another.


However, another unusual command is given to John – ‘Do not write what the seven thunders said.’


John was told to write the things he saw in his vision, Rev. 1:11, 19, 2:1, 8, 12, 18, 3:1, 7, 14, 14:13, 19:19, 21:5.


But here and only here, he is told not to write what he saw and heard.  That leaves this series of events, whatever they may be, only for those who will live in those future days, to know and experience.  And, they will not know anything until they actually occur.No forewarning, no warning whatsoever, other than this passage which we are currently reading.Of course the Bible is available to them, just as it is to us now.


Jesus Christ controls history.Jesus Christ was the one who instructed John to write.Therefore, the single voice commanding John to not write, is that of Christ.Otherwise it would have been identified if it were from another source.


All that we have here is the knowledge that there is going to be something terrible occurring in those already dark days of the Tribulation.We just do not know what it is.And since the atrocities and judgments, that have already been identified are extreme in themselves, then not revealing these coming events strongly implies that they are far, far worse than anything that has or will be revealed within this book of Revelation.


Now, the whole intent of this message (as is with the whole Bible) is to get people to believe in Christ, so that they will not be lost to eternity.


Likewise, the whole intent of the Bible is to get people who believe in Christ, to advance in their spiritual life, so they will not lose out on phenomenal blessings for all of eternity.


And unfortunately, there are far too many folks that just do not see or recognize (or refuse to see) the seriousness of life, and the consequences of their own decisions.


Everyone has a responsibility to someone in life.Everyone has a responsibility to God without question.  What is it that you disagree with and/or refuse to comply with, and why?And why are you wrong?



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