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Revelation 11:1

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1 And [kai] there was given [didomi] me [moi] a reed [kalamos] like [homoios] unto a rod: [rhabdos] and [kai] the angel [aggelos] stood, [histemi] saying, [lego] Rise, [egeiro] and [kai] measure [metreo] the temple [naos] of God, [theos] and [kai] the altar, [thusiasterion] and [kai] them that worship [proskuneo] therein [en]. [autos] KJV-Interlinear



1 And there was given me a measuring rod like a staff; and someone said, "Rise and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and those who worship in it. NASB



The Temple has always been associated with the Age of Israel, and never the dispensation of our current Church Age.


In history, there have been, or will be, six Temples. Solomon built the first, Zerubbabel built the second after the exile, Herod built the third during the First Advent of Christ, and the Lord Himself will build the sixth during the Millennium, Ezek 40-48; Hag 2:9; Zech 6:12-13.


The fifth temple will be constructed during the Tribulation.


There is no Temple building per se in eternity, for Christ is the Temple and He will be indwelling each and every believer forever. So the temple will be in each one of us forever.


The Temple layout included an outer court, called the Court of the Gentiles, an Inner Court where all of the people assembled to observe the sacrifices. The separation of these two courtyards, separated symbolically, unbelievers who were in the outer court and who had not yet believed in Christ, and of whom had not yet entered the inner court where believers assembled.


The inner courtyard included the brazen alter where the sacrifices were held, and the laver where the washing representing confession was represented, and the Tabernacle.


Also within the inner court is the Tabernacle with its outer room and inner room. There is a chart on the web site. Go to the charts and maps in the Library menu and then select the Tabernacle chart. The inner room also represents the closest personal relationship with God through Christ (spiritual maturity), and the courtyard where most believers will stand, representing the masses of saved but immature believers who chose to not advance in their spiritual lives.


During the Tribulation, the Temple will be rebuilt on its original site. There is a Muslim Temple currently on that site.  When the Temple reconstruction will begin is not specified in the scriptures, however, here in our passage, John is now told to measure the Temple. This is a completed Temple. The Temple will be completed at the mid-point of the Tribulation, wherein the anti-christ will blaspheme the newly consecrated temple by recognizing not Christ, but some other false god.


It is at this mid-point in the Tribulation that God sends a final warning to all believers to run for the mountains.  Don’ t stop, don’ t pause, don’t go home to get anything, but go to the mountains and do not look back for even an instant.  The mid-point begins the period of the ‘Great Tribulation,’ as described by Jesus.  And it will be from that point that the greatest of atrocities from man, and judgments from God, will begin to unfold. Each increasing with ever increasing violence until the very end of the Tribulation.


Johns measurement is not one used in construction, but one used in the taking of an inventory of ones possessions.


God owns the Temple. God owns the Temple and all who are in it.  That means that God is instructing John to measure the occupants of the finished Temple to symbolize that all are present.  God knows the believers.  God knows all who belong to Him.  God is herein telling us that He has and is keeping track of those who belong to Him.  No believer will be lost.


We are between Trumpets six and seven.  We are in a pause.  The seven thunders have or will soon reveal their secrets.  And soon the seventh trumpet will sound and release the seven bowl judgments which will release a series of non-stop judgments that will not end until Armageddon and the Second Advent of Christ.


This should make it clear that humanity will keep on rejecting Christ right up and until that final world battle and His return.  Humanities rejection and evil will increase and the judgments will increase in intensity until the final event.


But in all of the chaos, God knows who belongs to Him and He will not lose even a single person.



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