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Revelation 11:2

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2 But [kai] the court [aule] which [ho] is without [exothen] [esothen] the temple [naos] leave [ekballo] out, [exo] and [kai] measure [metreo] it [autos] not; [me] for [hoti] it is given [didomi] unto the Gentiles: [ethnos] and [kai] the holy [hagios] city [polis] shall they tread under foot [pateo] forty [tessarakonta] and two [duo] months. [men] KJV-Interlinear



2 "And leave out the court which is outside the temple, and do not measure it, for it has been given to the nations; and they will tread under foot the holy city for forty-two months. NASB



Only during the dispensation of the Age of Israel, is there a distinction made between Jews and Gentiles. During our dispensation, the Church Age, that distinction is removed, being neither Jews nor Gentile during our era, Col. 3:11.


The Church Age terminates when the Rapture occurs. All believers who have lived during our era, which has lasted for over 1900 years and still counting, will be removed in a twinkling of an eye, up into the clouds where we will meet Christ, and then whisked off to heaven.


Those left behind on the earth will all be unbelievers at that moment in time. The Age of Israel, which our dispensation interrupted, will resume with seven years remaining in its era. The seven year period is called the Tribulation.


The first half of that seven year period (forty-two months) is called Satan’s failed utopia. The last half of that seven year period (forty-two months) is called the Great Tribulation.


At the mid-point in the seven year period, the anti-christ will desolate the newly rebuilt Temple during its dedication. This mid-point event will mark that mid-point in the Tribulation, leaving forty-two months remaining.  By this act, people will know the amount of time remaining.


But remember that during the first half of the Tribulation, a huge number of people will die (one-fourth of the world) at the hands of the anti-christs failed policies. There will be many devastating disasters. It would easily be possible that folks may actually lose track of time on the calendar because of all of those events.


But when the temple is dedicated and the anti-christ desolates it, then people will know with certainty exactly where they are during these last years of that era. The desecration is described by Jesus in Matt. 24:15-20.


And now, John records the measuring of the temple, Christ’s accounting of those who belong to Him, as opposed to those (unbelievers) who will refuse to believe.


The outer court was the area outside of the Temple proper. Unbelievers, described as gentiles, were forbidden to enter into the Temple. Only those who have believed in Christ may enter into a relationship with God.


Unbelievers were forbidden to enter into the temple and were restricted to the areas outside of the temple, indicating their refusal to believe in Christ. Their efforts and ideas and inventions of truth were never allowed to mix with truth.


So, in these verses, John indicates that Christ is now clarifying who has believed, or will believe, and separating them out from those who will never believe.


We have had the seven seals broken revealing all that has been written, will come into being.


We have had six of the seven trumpets announcing that the time of the end is approaching, fast approaching.


There is a pause between the sixth and the seventh trumpet wherein Christ is now revealing the battle lines and who is on which side.


At the mid-point of the Tribulation, the anti-christ will desolate the temple, and that will mark the time for the next forty-two months when evil will trample the temple, the Jews, and the peoples of the world, especially Christians.


In times past in history, the Jews have been the target of horrendous atrocities, however during these forty-two months, the last half of the Tribulation, the atrocities brought against the Jews will be the worst ever in all of human history.


The word for tread under foot, ‘pateo,’ means to literally stamp or pound into dust or nothingness, to destroy, to obliterate such that, what was before, will be totally unrecognizable and unidentifiable.



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