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Revelation 11:7

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7 And [kai] when [hotan] they shall have finished [teleo] their [autos] testimony, [marturia] the beast [therion] that ascendeth [anabaino] out of [ek] the bottomless pit [abussos] shall make [poieo] war [polemos] against [meta] them, [autos] and [kai] shall overcome [nikao] them, [autos] and [kai] kill [apokteino] them. [autos] KJV-Interlinear



7 And when they have finished their testimony, the beast that comes up out of the abyss will make war with them, and overcome them and kill them. NASB



The two witnesses will teach and preach the gospel and doctrine for 1260 days. During that time, nothing and no one can bring harm of any kind, to them.


God has a purpose in life, and that purpose is to get the truth to everyone, such that everyone will have the opportunity to hear truth, and decide what they will do about it.


Evil, on the other hand, tries to do its will in secret, in deceit, by devious methods, and out of sight of everyone.  Evil cannot stand on its own when people know the facts and have a clear choice.


Truth on the other hand, stands on its own, and does not need to hide its purpose, but is open and in plain sight of all.


Jesus Christ controls history.  Jesus Christ can accomplish things by means of something, or without means.  He created the universe out of nothing. He accomplished it by His own will. He created Adam’s body from the dust.  He accomplished that creation by using dust.


Christ can use tools or no tools to accomplish His purpose. His lack of using tools, does not mean that he cannot do something, only that His purpose does not require them. His lack of accomplishing something does not mean that he cannot accomplish it.


There is a great deal of evil and suffering in the world. God could surely end it all in a heartbeat, but he chooses not to, because history and the angelic conflict must run its course to the last person born in the last generation of history. To end it all prematurely, would deny all of those future people who would believe in Him, the opportunity of eternal life, blessings and so forth.


Even though evil runs rampant in the world, and seems as though it is in control, it is not. God often times permits the free will of man to run its course.


Likewise, when God has a purpose to accomplish, then nothing will be able to interfere with it, until Gods purpose has run, its course.


And here, within our study, we have a world that has totally flipped off its rocker. God places two individuals in the middle of chaos and judgment so that they can deliver His message to a world gone mad.  This is, so that people will have the opportunity to hear the gospel and be saved. Whereas evil is going out of its way to prevent the message of truth, in its attempt to cause everyone to lose out on salvation.


For 1260 days straight, God prevents harm in every form, from coming to His messengers.


And remember that anyone who attempts or even orders harm to the two witnesses, will die.


So, when the 1260 days has run its course, then guess who comes crawling up out of his little hole of evil, to fight the two witnesses?


Here, for the first time in this book, the term beast, is used. And even though it refers to a specific individual, that individual is not identified except in terms of where he comes from, namely out of the Abyss.


So the emphasis is not on the person, but his origin, the Abyss, which represents the quintessence of evil in its worst, worst, worst of forms.


The contrast here is, God bringing good, and evil trying to take it away.


But not until the full course of their ministry is competed does this evil beast, approach them and kill them.


But why do they die?  God accomplishes His purpose both in life and in death.  Whereas many did not receive Christ as savior during their evangelism, however many will in fact believe in Christ after their death.  And that study is just a few verses away.



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