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Revelation 11:8

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8 And [kai] their [autos] dead bodies [ptoma] shall lie in [epi] the street [plateia] of the great [megas] city, [polis] which [hostis] spiritually [pneumatikos] is called [kaleo] Sodom [Sodoma] and [kai] Egypt, [Aiguptos] where [hopou] also [kai] our [hemon] Lord [kurios] was crucified. [stauroo] KJV-Interlinear



8 And their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city which mystically is called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified. NASB



The city is identified. The city where Jesus was crucified, namely Jerusalem. However, the Jerusalem of which God speaks in the Psalms, the city of David, the city of peace, the future capital of the Kingdom of Christ, has long since forgotten its heritage, and has long since abandoned is honor.


For 1260 days, Gods two witnesses will preach the gospel of Christ, that all who would believe would be saved.


They will be met with harassment, ridicule, and attempts on their life. And finally, when their allotted time is up, God will allow the citizens of the city, led by a beast of evil, to kill them.


Under normal circumstances, the dead are treated with respect and honor and buried in a dignified manner, however the two witnesses will be left in the street where they will fall, to rot in the sun, in a most undignified manner.


They will be left on the street of the ‘great city.’


This is a reference to how the citizens of the city see themselves, with greatness.


As they treat the dead bodies with contempt, so too, the citizens who view the bodies, will treat Gods message with contempt.  For three and a half years, they will have heard the gospel, seen the miracles performed by the two witnesses, and just as the crowds who saw the miracles of Jesus, rejected Him, so those people will reject His message through these two witnesses.


They think highly of their city, but in fact it is degenerate to the core, as represented by the comparisons to Sodom and Egypt.  Both are typified by vulgar sin and slavery.


The people are both sinful, and enslaved by their own sins. The two witnesses were there to free them, but were killed instead.  Remind you of anyone in particular, from about 2000 years ago?





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