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Revelation 11:10

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10 And [kai] they that dwell [katoikeo] upon [epi] the earth [ge] shall rejoice [chairo] over [epi] them, [autos] and [kai] make merry, [euphraino] and [kai] shall send [pempo] gifts [doron] one to another; [allelon] because [hoti] these [houtos] two [duo] prophets [prophetes] tormented [basanizo] them that dwelt [katoikeo] on [epi] the earth. [ge] KJV-Interlinear



10 And those who dwell on the earth will rejoice over them and make merry; and they will send gifts to one another, because these two prophets tormented those who dwell on the earth. NASB



The word for earth, ‘ge,’ is a general word for the land, or for the region. It can also be applied to the entire planet, however in scripture it is generally used for the local area more so than the entire world, Ex 3:8; 13:5; Deut 19:2,10; 28:12; Neh 9:22; Ps 37:9,11,22,29; 66:4; Prov 2:21; 10:30; Joel 1:2, Matt 2:6,20-21; 14:15; Acts 7:7,11,36,40; 13:17.


This suggests to us a couple of things about life in the Tribulation.


First, we know that the tribulation is filled with judgments.

Second, we know that of those judgments, there will be lots of disruption, damage and death scattered across the entire planet.

Third, we know that these two witnesses, will be preaching to the entire world.

Fourth, we know that their ministry will last for 1260 days, or roughly three-and-a-half-years.

Fifth, we know that when their demise occurs, there will be many people of all nations and cultures, in Jerusalem.

Sixth, therefore, we know that somehow, their message will be transmitted or relayed, or transmitted either by mouth or technology, around the entire world.

Seventh, when these two are killed, and their bodies left in the street, then the entire world will not know of it immediately, but the local residents or visitors, will know of it immediately, and the rest of the world will probably hear of it in due course.


We have not yet studied their being raised from the dead, but when that occurs, then some people will respond favorably toward Christ, but most will not. And, then there will be a great earthquake in Jerusalem, where folks will perceive themselves as impervious to disasters.


So, even though the response and reaction to their deaths will eventually be worldwide, the emphasis in this passage is toward the local population in Jerusalem.


When evil people and gossips get together and hound a chosen victim, they celebrate when their victim falls on hard times or difficulties. It has nothing to do with what their victim has done, for most victims do nothing to deserve being targeted as such.


This is no different. The two witnesses, will have been teaching truth, salvation and posing no threat to anyone. However, those who are negative toward God and doctrine, will see their preaching as annoying and a nuisance to their lifestyles. Perceiving truth as a torment, when in fact their own evil is the real tormenting of life.


The rejoicing is not a party atmosphere, but a celebration of sorts, over the demise of something that was really good, but hated by those who are really evil.


Remember when the two towers in New York were crashed into by the planes, and the celebrations that occurred in some countries, because of the deaths of nearly 3000 people? This then is very similar. With no harm done to anyone by the victims, celebrations will spontaneously erupt when they are killed.


Such is the nature of evil and people who reject truth, God, Christ and His message, and His messengers.


To evil people, truth is a nuisance and is annoying to their everyday life.





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