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Revelation 11:11

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11 And [kai] after [meta] three [treis] days [hemera] and [kai] an half [hemisu] the Spirit [pneuma] of life [zoe] from [ek] God [theos] entered [eiserchomai] into [epi] them, [autos] and [kai] they stood [histemi] upon [epi] their [autos] feet; [pous] and [kai] great [megas] fear [phobos] fell [pipto] upon [epi] them which saw [theoreo] them. [autos] KJV-Interlinear



11 And after the three and a half days the breath of life from God came into them, and they stood on their feet; and great fear fell upon those who were beholding them. NASB



The physical human body is enabled by biological life. The biological life requires support from some outside force in order to survive.


In the womb, the biological is supported by the mother through the umbilical cord. Outside of the womb, when that cord is cut, then another force is needed in order to support life in the person, and that force is human life, which God breathes into the human soul, which both, reside in the biological body during the time that the individual is alive in this world.


When a person dies, then the soul along with its resident human life, leaves the body. The physical body lacking that support, dies and immediately begins the process of decay. The body returns to the dust from whence it came, and the soul returns to its source, God. That is why we say, ‘Absent from the body and face to face with the Lord.’


The body is not face to face with God, only the soul with its resident human life.


Believers have one more component of life and that is the human spirit, into which eternal life is placed by God, when the person believes in Christ.


Unbelievers do not have a human spirit, and therefore lack eternal life.


Eternal life is the life that is extended by God to believers, allowing them to live in heaven forever, and thus prevents them from dying yet again, as unbelievers will, when they are cast into the Lake of Fire.


These two men are believers in Christ. They are mature believers. When they are killed, God removes their souls and spirits for their bodies. The bodies fall where they stand, and their souls and spirits return to God in complete safety. They will wait in heaven for the required three-and-a-half days, and God will bring them back into their physical bodies, which humanity will see them as coming back to life, and these two men will stand up as though nothing had ever happened to them.


If there are holes and cuts and bruises and such on their bodies, then the wounds will remain and will still be visible.


But then, God commands life, not biology. Jesus once said that He could command rocks to rise into descendants of Abraham. God does not require the physiology that you and I believe in needed in order to support life. Neither is man the origin of human life as so many seem to believe, but God alone is the origin and creator of human life, Gen. 2:7.


Those who see them rise, means that not everyone will see them rise.


The city is about to get hit with a powerful earthquake, so people in the local region will certainly see them rise back to life. And we can presume that everyone who has some semblance of media, whether television, internet, or some other technology, will also see them rise.


And now, they, the viewing public, will experience fear as never before, which seems rather odd since all of these people will have already seen demon hoards, tormentors, disasters as never before recorded in history, half of the worlds population fallen into death for one reason or another, a world in chaos and so forth.


If that did not frighten them, then why would two formerly preaching dead guys coming back to life, frighten them? And not only frighten them, but throw them into total terror, a fear beyond anything that any person has ever experienced.


And the answer to that question is answered in the next verse, which we will study tomorrow.





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