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Revelation 11:13

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13 And [kai] the same [en] [ekeinos] hour [hora] was there [ginomai] a great [megas] earthquake, [seismos] and [kai] the tenth part [dekatos] of the city [polis] fell, [pipto] and [kai] in [en] the earthquake [seismos] were slain [apokteino] [onoma] of men [anthropos] seven [hepta] thousand: [chilias] and [kai] the remnant [loipoy] were [ginomai] affrighted, [emphobos] and [kai] gave [didomi] glory [doxa] to the God [theos] of heaven. [ouranos] KJV-Interlinear



13 And in that hour there was a great earthquake, and a tenth of the city fell; and seven thousand people were killed in the earthquake, and the rest were terrified and gave glory to the God of heaven. NASB



The two witnesses are Hebrew and therefore point to the Jewish community, which is an unbelieving people.


The location is Jerusalem, the capital of Israel and the center location of history.


The message is the gospel of Christ, of which will be repeated, by these two witnesses, for 1260 days or about three-and-a-half years, and from other sources for a longer length of time.


And during all of that time, those folks will be rejecting the message, with indifference and annoyance, until the two witnesses are actually killed.


Throughout all of this time, there will be the simultaneous disasters and problems of the world, where millions of people will die, where inflation and famine will ravage the planet, where crime and atrocities will abound, and still the local population will remain indifferent toward Christ.


But then after three and a half days, these two witnesses will arise back to life and ascend to heaven before everyone's eyes, and still people will look at the scene with awe but no faith.


Until, that is, the world around them comes crashing down around them, literally.


An earthquake will result immediately, just as it did when Christ died His physical death on the Cross.


Now this earthquake is nothing when compared to earthquakes in past history, but it is sufficient to finally bring the population of Jerusalem, to faith in Christ.


Primarily a Jewish population, this city will be one of the hold-outs fighting faith in Christ, until this earthquake strikes.


The verse is clear. A tenth of the city will collapse, so the earthquake will be violent enough to bring down buildings and structures. The death count will be seven thousand.


And just as these exact facts have already been recorded now, for a future event, so too, many folks will probably know of this specific prophetic event sequence, and that certainly, along with fear, will bring people to Christ, in what may be the greatest revival of faith in all of Jewish history.


And they will need all of the faith that they can get, because this city is going to become the target of the greatest military attack in all of human history.





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