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Revelation 12:2

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2 And [kai] she being [echo] with [en] child [gaster] cried, [krazo] travailing in birth, [odino] and [kai] pained [basanizo] to be delivered. [tikto] KJV-Interlinear



2 and she was with child; and she cried out, being in labor and in pain to give birth. NASB



John continues with a brief review of history. It should be noted quickly here, that there are but two opinions in existence.


The first is that of God, and the second includes all other opinions in the world, Matt. 12:30.  There is no third choice.


Second, far too many folks concern themselves with control or mastery or improvement of the world or the solving of its problems. Even if one were to overcome all obstacles of life in this world, the world is still a temporary place. Therefore, even Jesus states clearly that it is far better that your name is recorded in heaven for all of eternity, than to have authority over this world, Lk. 10:20.


With doctrine comes responsibility and with responsibility comes blessing. However, the course of the world is set, and as long as Satan exists, as long as mans sin nature exists, there will never be a utopia that so many seem to yearn for, in total disregard of God, truth, and His plan.


Satan has tried to bring in his world improvements for a very long time. All of the philosophies and opinions of life are based on Satan’s defeat of Gods plan and the establishment of his own. All of the arguments, personal opinions, politics and so forth arise out of differing views on failed plans.


Any elimination of truth from any discussion, makes that discussion useless.


A very long time ago, God created the angels. They lived in happiness. Then God created the universe and the angels were at peace when that occurred. Then the lead angel, Lucifer, became arrogant, desiring to be like God, and rebelled against God, taking one-third of the angels along with him in his rebellion.


Most of the details of those events, we do not have. However, man was created in order to resolve the angelic conflict, over which Satan stole control of the world, through his deception of man. Man lost his position and relationship with God as a result.


Thus the plan to bring man back into a relationship with God.


And here John is providing a brief review of history, in a nut shell. Israel was formed, but in suffering. The reasons for her suffering are stated in the following verses.


But for now, man has been lost and God established a plan for helping man to find his way back.


Israel is referred to as the woman. She is with child. And note that this is all in the past tense, for it has already occurred. This is not a prophecy for yet another child.


The woman is with child, referring to the long and arduous time of pregnancy, leading up to the time of birth. This is a reference to the nation of Israel which began with the multiple promises of God beginning with Adam, carrying on through the line of Christ through and to Jacob and the forming of the twelve tribes of Israel, and right on and through Mary.


All during that time, those many centuries, the line of Christ and certainly the nation of Israel, was under persecution and suffering.


It is referred to as the time of labor, wherein labor pains describe the extremes of giving birth, immediately prior to birth, through a very difficult and painful pregnancy, and labor and birthing process.


Possibly only a mother can understand the implications of this whole process and the many difficulties that accompany pregnancy and birth. But nevertheless this verse describes the suffering of Israel as a nation because  of this single promise of God and their role in that plan.


Satan opposes all that God does, and Satan leads opposition against all that are a part of, or conform with Gods plan. Satan is the cause of all trouble in this world. And all trouble is reinforced when people reject truth and embrace the many opinions that come out of this world.


No nation in all of human history has suffered as Israel has, even though there are many groups, cultures, even races that want to make a big deal about their suffering and hardships, which only points to their lack of understanding of truth.


In Christ there is no hardship, regardless of what the world tries. In Christ there is no need for excuses to draw attention to oneself. In Christ there is no need for whining or complaining in order to gain advantage in a world that is going to end anyway.





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