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Daily Bible Study
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Daily Bible Study
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Revelation 12:10

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10 And [kai] I heard [akouo] a loud [megas] voice [phone] saying [lego] in [en] heaven, [ouranos] Now [arti] is come [ginomai] salvation, [soteria] and [kai] strength, [dunamis] and [kai] the kingdom [basileia] of our [hemon] God, [theos] and [kai] the power [exousia] of his [autos] Christ: [Christos] for [hoti] the accuser [kategoreo] of our [hemon] brethren [adelphos] is cast down, [kataballo] which [ho] accused [kategoros] them [autos] before [enopion] our [hemon] God [theos] day [hemera] and [kai] night. [nux] KJV-Interlinear



10 And I heard a loud voice in heaven, saying, "Now the salvation, and the power, and the kingdom of our God and the authority of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren has been thrown down, who accuses them before our God day and night. NASB



The voice is not identified, but it speaks singularly as a collective voice from all who are resident in heaven at that time. At the time of Satan’s eviction out from heaven.


All believers in heaven, all elect angels who are in heaven, perhaps even all of creation, symbolically, Rom 8:19-22, sing out with one collective voice as Satan and all of his evil cohorts, have finally been evicted from heaven, from before Gods court, where accusations that have been made day and night throughout the ages, and can no longer be submitted.


Satan will have made all of the possible accusations that can or could be made. All have been rejected as unfounded, because they have no foundation in truth.


With Satan’s eviction from heaven, all court proceedings will have been concluded. Satan’s accusations to remove or reverse his conviction will have failed.


He is about to be confined in prison, while God has His say and rule over history, but Satan will not go without a fight.


Thus the second half of the Tribulation will unfold as Jesus stated, the ‘Great Tribulation,’ which will be the most horrendous period of time in all of human history.


If you can imagine all of the examples of atrocities from history, all of the examples of terror and crime and evil that have been portrayed in the movies, and multiply them many times over, for the worse, then you might begin to understand what people are going to be faced with in the latter half of the Tribulation.


But, nevertheless, with Satan’s removal from heaven, the end is now very near. The conclusion of Satan’s rule and influence is very near.


The salvation, or the removal of Satan’s role in history, is very near. The power and rule and authority of God, and His plan, namely the Son and His role in history, are about to assume control. Therefore the end of human suffering is fast approaching.





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