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Revelation 13:1

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1 And [kai] I stood [histemi] upon [epi] the sand [ammos] of the sea, [thalassa] and [kai] saw [eido] a beast [therion] rise up [anabaino] out of [ek] the sea, [thalassa] having [echo] seven [hepta] heads [kephale] and [kai] ten [deka] horns, [keras] and [kai] upon [epi] his [autos] horns [keras] ten [deka] crowns, [diadema] and [kai] upon [epi] his [autos] heads [kephale] the name [onoma] of blasphemy. [blasphemia] KJV-Interlinear



1 And he stood on the sand of the seashore. And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads, and on his horns were ten diadems, and on his heads were blasphemous names. NASB



The original biblical introduction to the anti-christ comes from in Dan. 7, wherein the anti-christ rises up out of a ten nation confederacy, defeating three of the nations and solidifying his power over the remaining seven nations and throughout the entire world.


These ten nations rise up out of the last empire of Rome, and are typically known as the revived Rome. However the revived Rome will give rulership over the entire world to the anti-christ. The rest of the world will be in awe (for a time) of the anti-christ.


Here, John describes the source of the anti-christ, the beast, as coming from the dragon, who is Satan. Satan is the source and sponsor of the anti-christ.


Note one quick point. The power of Satan has been severely restricted, in that he has to work through humanity in order to accomplish his purpose.


God works His will through doctrine and truth, while Satan tries to work his will through lies and deception.


He, is a reference to the dragon from the previous chapter, Satan.


Sand, is a reference to the nations of the world.


The sea is a reference to human history or the attempts of evil to drive history as the winds drive the seas.


The beast is the last of many beast leaders in history, the last being the anti-christ, rising up out of history, out from the nations of the world.


The seven heads, represent the seven empires which have risen (six from the past, which we have already studied), and the seventh which will rise up out of history in the future (the revived Rome).


The ten horns identify the seventh empire made up of ten horns, referencing the ten nation confederation that will become the basis for the rule of the anti-christ.


Upon the horns (not on the heads), are ten crowns, which refers also to the heads, which simply means that it is Satan who is the one behind the evil rule of all of the empires past and future, as well as the leaders of the ten nations that will make up the revived Rome.


So, with all of the heads and horns and crowns, and such, the point of this verse is that, Satan is behind them all. They are his plan, his structure, and his appointments.


The name of blasphemy, is a title of Satan.


Blasphemy mans sacrilege, profanity, wickedness and all that sits in opposition to God and truth.


Satan is the father of lies and the basis for all blasphemy. He has tried to drive history since ancient times and has failed repeatedly, and his ultimate leader, the anti-christ will be his final attempt to rule the world, under one ruler.





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