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Revelation 13:4

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4 And [kai] they worshipped [proskuneo] the dragon [drakon] which [hos] gave [didomi] power [exousia] unto the beast: [therion] and [kai] they worshipped [proskuneo] the beast, [therion] saying, [lego] Who [tis] is like [homoios] unto the beast [therion]? who [tis] is able [dunamai] to make war [polemeo] with [meta] him [autos]? KJV-Interlinear



4 and they worshiped the dragon, because he gave his authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, "Who is like the beast, and who is able to wage war with him?" NASB



The visible leadership of evil, is in himself an appointment of Satan. We have already seen this in the last few verses. The anti-christ will stage his own death and even a resurrection in order to gain adoration and popularity from the public.


How often have politicians (or anyone) falsified their resume’ in order to make themselves look or sound better than they actually are? Well, this is going to be the con of cons against a worldwide naïve public.


But the anti-christ will not settle for just some form of popularity, he will not be contented with acclaim, he will not be contented with respect, he will not be contented with reverence, he will not be contented with being hailed or heralded as great, he will in fact demand that everyone worship him as they would a god, 2 Thess. 2:4.


Have you ever heard of a person that the public was so consumed with their personality, or talent, or perceived talent that the public followed them with an obsession? Perhaps a celebrity, a rock star, perhaps a recent politician!


Well take that quite a bit further, to the point of mania, and you will be very close to the anti-christ who will believe he is a god, and a public who will be so naïve, that they will believe it too, and obey him with a fanatical obedience. Today’s or past examples are good patterns for understanding what will occur in the future.


That will make it possible for the anti-christ to command phenomenal atrocities, and people will do as instructed without question.


Probably not knowingly, the public in worshipping the anti-christ, will in fact be worshipping Satan. But then the public presuming that they are doing the right thing, worship him even now, simply by ignoring truth. Remember that the Bible states that if you are not for Christ, then you are against Him. And that includes everyone who does not pursue truth and their spiritual life on a daily basis.


Oddly enough most folks believe that they are reasonably sincere and honest, but in fact are not, if their beliefs and thoughts are compared with those expected by the scriptures. Most folks do not study their Bible daily. Most folks do not confess their sins on a regular basis, and are thus out of fellowship. Most folks don’t even have a clue as to what the spiritual life is, because they have never learned it, nor even tried to learn it, and yet it is the simplest thing to learn and understand.


There are only two opinions in the world, Gods and everything else. If you do not study Gods, then you by default, subscribe to the, everything else, category.


And not knowing Gods word, means that you are dangerously susceptible to the false views of the world.


In the future, in the Tribulation, that generation will be at the maximum of indifference and the maximum of evil consuming their souls. And so they will rush without hesitation, to worship the most evil person who will ever live.





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