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Daily Bible Study
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Daily Bible Study
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Revelation 13:7

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7 And [kai] it was given [didomi] unto him [autos] to make [poieo] war [polemos] with [meta] the saints, [hagios] and [kai] to overcome [nikao] them: [autos] and [kai] power [exousia] was given [didomi] him [autos] over [epi] all [pas] kindreds, [phule] and [kai] tongues, [glossa] and [kai] nations. [ethnos] KJV-Interlinear



7 And it was given to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them; and authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation was given to him. NASB



The tantrum child like behavior or telling lies about God, which we have already seen, will escalate into violence on an unprecedented scale.


The anti-christ will be able to do only that which God allows him to do.


Of his own accord, the anti-christ really has no power to speak of, let alone influence over much of humanity.


Likewise, on an unprecedented scale, people will believe in Christ and that will cause Satan, through the anti-christ to become unglued.


His accusations against God, from the prior verse, will have no impact on preventing people from believing in Christ. On the contrary, people will believe in droves, instead.


Thus the escalation into violence, and this escalation of violence will in turn bring even more people to Christ.


God does not let evil run rampant unless there is good reason. On one respect evil has to burn itself out, and in another case, a great deal of good comes out of the tantrum of evil.


The anti-christ, out of frustration and hate, will rally the entire world, all people, languages, and nations, against believers, and attempt to murder everyone he can.  And he will succeed.


God allows his success so that this prophecy will come true, because it is going to happen, and to allow people to recognize that Christ is indeed Lord and Savior.


So although many will die, many will be saved.  Most of those people who will be saved would not have been saved, if this event did not occur. Eternal life is far better than eternal condemnation, regardless of the results of life in this life. All things work together for good.





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