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Revelation 13:8

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8 And [kai] all [pas] that dwell [katoikeo] upon [epi] the earth [ge] shall worship [proskuneo] him, [autos] whose [hos] names [onoma] are [grapho] not [ou] written [grapho] in [en] the book [biblos] of life [zoe] of the Lamb [arnion] slain [sphazo] from [apo] the foundation [katabole] of the world. [kosmos] KJV-Interlinear



8 And all who dwell on the earth will worship him, everyone whose name has not been written from the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb who has been slain. NASB



There are several books located in heaven, that are referred to in the Bible.


There is the Book of the Living, Job 28:13, Psa. 27:13, Dan. 12:1, Mal. 3:16-18, Psa. 69:25-28.


There is the Book of Life, or the Lambs Book of Life, Rev. 3:5; 17:8; 20:12,15; 21:27; Phil 4:3.


There is the Book of Works, Rev. 20:12-13.


Unbelievers are blotted out, Ex. 32:33, and believers are never blotted out of the Book of Life, Rev. 3:5.


All who dwell on the earth, is a figure of speech referring to those who are of the earth, those who are unbelievers. It does not include everyone, but refers to unbelievers only, Rev. 13:12,14; 3:10; 6:10; 8:13; 11:10; 17:2,8.


Since the foundation of the world, is a reference to eternity past, Rev. 17:8; Matt 13:35; 25:34; Luke 11:50; Eph 1:4; Heb 9:26; 1 Peter 1:20; cf. 2 Thess 2:13; and 2 Tim 1:9.


During history, the records contained within the books in heaven are a work in progress. But when the books are finally opened for final review, it will be at the end of human history, at the end of the Millennium, when the Great White Throne of Christ is called to order, and the books are finished or completed.


It will be at this final court, that the books will be opened, the completed books. For the history of man and Satan will have been ended, the lives of all peoples will have been finalized, and all unbelievers will be standing before Christ awaiting their final sentence.


The Book of Life or of the Living are one and the same. For those who believe in Christ, there is no death, no permanent death, for they possess eternal life. Their life goes on and therefore they will never be blotted out of the Book of Life. That is eternal security, Gods guarantee of eternal life.


But God is fair. All people who are born into the world, since the beginning of human history, since Adam, will have their name recorded in the books.  Everyone has their name recorded in both sets of books. God does not predetermine your decisions in life, that you will make.


The Book of Life contains the names of those who believe in Christ, and the Book of Works contains everyone's name.


When a person dies, then if he has believed in Christ, his name remains in both books. If the person did not believe in Christ, then his name is blotted out of the Book of Life but remains in the Book of Works.


At the end of human history, at the Great White Throne, all who stand before Christ will be unbelievers. There will be one final check in the Book of Life, to see if they have believed in Christ. One wonders if God will give them one final opportunity to believe.


But nevertheless, if their name is not found in the Book of Life, then the second set of books is opened, the Book of Works. There, in that second set of books, their works, their human effort, will be compared to that of Christ. Their human effort will be found to be lacking in satisfying the high standards of Christ, and their own works will not qualify them for eternal life.


Lacking faith, and therefore lacking their name in the Book of Life, the eternal membership into heaven, they will be thrown into the Lake of Fire.


Therefore, all who dwell on the earth, all unbelievers, will by default, worship him, Satan, the one who is behind the anti-christ, the one who is behind all evil. For by default if you do not worship Christ, then you worship the only other object of worship, namely evil and therefore Satan.


There are only two targets of worship, God and Satan.


Their names will not be found in the Book of Life, the final book. And, this book is further defined as that of the Lamb, and sacrificial lamb, namely Jesus Christ who went to the Cross and died paying the price of sin and defeating death, to accomplish our salvation, for which we may have freely by only believing.


God is fair, He records all names in both books and then gives you, your life to determine if you will remain in the better of the two, the Book of Life.


If you have already believed in Christ, then your name is secure for all of eternity. If you have not believed in Christ, then you are at great risk, of losing your place in the one place where you need to keep your name recorded. Losing that, you lose everything.


To be saved is so very simple. Think in the privacy of your own thoughts, ‘Father, I believe in Jesus Christ.’


That is all that it takes to secure your life in heaven, forever.


How could anyone refuse, throughout their entire life, to think those six little words? A thought that takes less than a second!





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