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Revelation 13:10

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10 He that [ei tis] leadeth [sunago] into captivity [aichmalosia] shall go [hupago] into [eis] captivity: [aichmalosia] he that [ei tis] killeth [apokteino] with [en] the sword [machaira] must [dei] be killed [apokteino] with [en] the sword. [machaira] Here [hode] is [esti] the patience [hupomone] and [kai] the faith [pistis] of the saints. [hagios] KJV-Interlinear



10 If anyone is destined for captivity, to captivity he goes; if anyone kills with the sword, with the sword he must be killed. Here is the perseverance and the faith of the saints. NASB



The last portion of this verse sets the tone for believers who will live during the Tribulation, and especially during the last half of the Tribulation, when the anti-christ will do his best to kill them all.


The patience and faith, combines into making the attitude which was initially established by Christ, when He was being persecuted, tried, and executed on the Cross.  Jesus went without complaint, without retaliation. He went to the Cross and took all of the persecution and ridicule that humanity had to offer. Jesus had a mission and nothing and no one was going to get Him off track of completing that mission.


Likewise, in the Tribulation, in the latter half, the world will be full of obscenities, and atrocities, and prejudices beyond imagination. It will be easy for those who have faith, to retaliate and do likewise to their persecutors.


But God commands here, that no believer is to retaliate, but instead accept and take everything that is thrown at them, even including their own execution by the anti-christ and his forces.


If anyone tries to take captives, they will themselves be taken. For believers, do not imitate the unbelievers, for that is going to be their destiny.


If anyone is going to be taken into captivity, then as a believer, accept it and allow God to do His bidding according to His schedule.


If anyone fights and kills, then he will be killed. Do not imitate the unbelievers who are doing all of the killing. Do not take up arms. Do not form a rebel force. Do not form an underground. Do not start a civil war. Do not try to assassinate the anti-christ or government officials. Do not try to overthrow the government. Do not use any form of violence of any type.


The life of the believer is in Gods hands, regardless of what the anti-christ, Satan, or unbelievers in general, do.


The control of history is in Gods hands. The outcome of history and life is in Gods hands.


No matter what happens, God has allowed a certain amount of time for Satan to work his evil will. Gods purpose is to squeeze out every last person who will believe in Christ, and then to crush Satan and evil forever.


During the Tribulation, God will run everything, and all believers, regardless if they are in hiding, regardless of they are captured, regardless if they are killed, are completely safe in Gods care. Do not interfere with Gods plan.





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