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Daily Bible Study
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Revelation 13:11

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11 And [kai] I beheld [eido] another [allos] beast [therion] coming up [anabaino] out of [ek] the earth; [ge] and [kai] he had [echo] two [duo] horns [keras] like [homoios] a lamb, [arnion] and [kai] he spake [laleo] as [hos] a dragon. [drakon] KJV-Interlinear



11 And I saw another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spoke as a dragon. NASB



The first beast, the anti-christ, came up out of the sea, Rev. 13:1. This second beast comes up out of the earth.


On this planet, the sea is said to hide mysterious and frightening things in an unknown deep. The earth is said to have less scary things and is said to be more appealing and compatible, and more friendly.


And so the anti-christ is made to appear as frightening and powerful, while this second beast is much less so.


The first beast had ten horns, while the second beast has only two.


The first beast is the dragon, who is Satan, while the second beast speaks like the dragon, and is the spokesman for Satan.


The first beast was likened to the leopard, bear, and lion. The second beast is likened to the lamb.


The first beast is mysterious and frightening, and the second beast is less mysterious, and less frightening.


The first beast is fast, ferocious and deadly. The second beast is made to seem harmless as a lamb.


But with all of this appearance, the policy of Satan is deception and lies, Jn 8:44. Therefore, the second beast, who will act as the spokesman for the first beast, is also a deception who will promote the lies of Satan.


The first beast as we have already seen, is the anti-christ who will eventually be indwelled by Satan.


The second beast is his spokesman, and a person as well, will have some amazing powers as we will see, therefore, since these amazing powers are not of human origin, he too will be indwelled by some powerful demon.


Typically, the ruler of an empire is promoted or supported by a priest and we will see that the second beast will not only promote the first beast politically, but religiously, demanding that people fall down before the first beast and worship him.


Thus politics and religion will be combined into one all powerful attempt to rule the population of the world.





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