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Revelation 14:5



5 And [kai] in [en] their [autos] mouth [stoma] was found [heurisko] no [ou] guile: [dolos] for [gar] they are [eisi] without fault [amomos] before [enopion] the throne [thronos] of God. [theos] KJV-Interlinear



5 And no lie was found in their mouth; they are blameless.  NASB



To lie is to be deliberate in stating something false, or deceptive, or misleading, or misdirecting, or untrue.

All religion is a lie. All religion is the invention of human deception and/or self deception. All religion is the adoption of falsehoods in an effort to formulate an equal footing or to elevate humanity to the level of deity, through the efforts of human energy.

Christianity is not a religion. Christianity is a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ.

Of these 144,000, though there will be a huge temptation to promote the lies of the anti-christ and follow in his ways, they will stick with truth and doctrine. And as such, will denounce and resist and reject the lies of Satan and the world systems that will be in place.

But more than that, there will be unbelievable pressures to conform to the worlds norms of degeneracy, of unethical practices, of just staying alive in a world gone mad.

And the second part of this verse addresses that.

They will be blameless.

Note, this does not say sinless, for they are human after all.

But when the world is literally starving and corrupt and murderous and worse. When lives have been turned upside down due to unemployment and weather damage and such, then it will be a huge temptation for folks to lie and cheat and steal just to survive.

And yet these will live honest lives in integrity. Helping others when they can, not taking advantage of others, not throwing others out of the life boat, so to speak, just to survive themselves.

And more important, they will not lead lives of the self righteous, because we are told that they will live 'before the throne of God.' They will live their lives in accordance with Gods plan, by studying, learning, confession of sins, living in fellowship, pursuing their spiritual lives and so forth.

No holy roller stuff. No tent meetings, attempting to whip up emotions in order to get money or notoriety. No false promises. No misleading assurances or guarantees. No pray for me, whining and crying over their difficulties in life.

They will live mature and responsible and self accountable lives, well oriented to the time in which they live. Understanding why things are the way they are, and that in this devils world, there will be tough roads to follow, but the answer to all problems is Jesus Christ.

Belief for salvation, and doctrine for growing up and completing ones life.



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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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