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Revelation 14:6



6 And [kai] I saw [eido] another [allos] angel [aggelos] fly [petomai] in [en] the midst of heaven, [mesouranema] having [echo] the everlasting [aionios] gospel [euaggelion] to preach [euaggelizo] unto them that dwell [katoikeo] on [epi] the earth, [ge] and [kai] to every [pas] nation, [ethnos] and [kai] kindred, [phule] and [kai] tongue, [glossa] and [kai] people, [laos] KJV-Interlinear



6 And I saw another angel flying in midheaven, having an eternal gospel to preach to those who live on the earth, and to every nation and tribe and tongue and people; NASB



We are studying the Tribulation. That is a future seven year period, the date of which we do not yet know.

It will begin when the Rapture removes all Christians from the earth, and it will end with the Second Advent of Christ.

The Rapture is the final event that will terminate our era of history, which we call the Church Age.

During the Tribulation, Satan, working through the most evil ruler in all of human history, will try to bring about world peace and prosperity during the first half of the Tribulation (the first three and a half years). That attempt will fail horribly.

Someone once said that mans efforts to bring about world peace and full employment and prosperity and no poverty and so forth, amount to nothing more than rearranging the deck chairs of the Titanic, so passengers can get a good or better view of themselves sinking.

And that is what the Tribulation really amounts to. During the first half of that seven year period, one-fourth of the entire worlds population will die. That is a very poor result for mans best plans.

During the last half of the tribulation, Satan will change his tactics and try to kill off all Jews and Christians, and then everyone in order to destroy humanity completely.

Mans destiny in this world, according to the Bible, is not a good one, but a horrendously bad one.

In this chapter three visions describe the previews of Gods plan and results in the Tribulation.

The first vision was of the victory of 144,000 evangelists (and others), who while under horrendous circumstances, will be victorious in their lives, despite the onslaught of horrible world policies and laws and atrocities.

The second vision is where we are now. Where three angels will proclaim the coming judgments for all who reject truth and pursue evil. The first angel preaches the gospel, the second pronounces judgment, and the third promises condemnation.

The first angel, is an actual angel. Some may think that this is a reference to satellite radio or television transmissions, however most folks will tune out any channel that does not interest them.

Remember that we are studying the Tribulation, and in it will occur phenomenal disasters from weather, from hurricanes, from earthquakes, and such. Lots of folks will be without power and services for a very long time.

God will allow demons to run rampant throughout the world tormenting unbelievers. We have already studied that. Likewise, the world will see many tens of thousands of evangelists, the two prophets, and disasters beyond description, and still many will refuse to believe in Christ.

So, yet another attempt to bring the gospel to people will come through an angel who flies high in the sky, and who will announce the gospel of Christ to everyone who does not have access to the many evangelists and the two prophets. This makes it possible for everyone on the planet, to see the angel, and to hear the gospel of Christ, so that they can believe in Jesus Christ. Or at least to have that opportunity.

No one can say that they did not have an opportunity.

The word for midst of heaven, 'mesouranema,' means the zenith or at the peak, referring to high noon. A position in the sky where everyone can see and hear.

The word for another, 'allos,' means another of the same type, referring to the angel. So this is not a piece of technology being symbolized as an angel.

All that dwell on the earth, is a reference to all who need to hear, or unbelievers. This action also brings comfort and assurance to those who have already believed.

Every nation, and kindred, and tongue and people, means everyone on the planet.

While the evangelists will have their limitations in mobility, this angel will have no limitations restricting his message. Everyone will hear the gospel and no one will have any excuse.



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