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Revelation 14:17



17 And [kai] another [allos] angel [aggelos] came [exerchomai] out of [ek] the temple [naos] which [ho] is in [en] heaven, [ouranos] he [autos] also [kai] having [echo] a sharp [oxus] sickle. [drepanon]KJV-Interlinear



17 And another angel came out of the temple which is in heaven, and he also had a sharp sickle. NASB



And another of the same kind, 'allos,' an angel, came out of heaven, and this time the angel is carrying the sickle.

Throughout the scriptures angels are used as instruments of Gods will, whether bearers of good news or bad, good activities or bad, angels pursue their instructions with instrumental perfection.

Throughout this book of Revelation, angels held and played the trumpets, they will be instrumental in evicting Satan and his demons out of heaven, they will carry and pour out the bowl judgments, and they will incarcerate Satan for 1000 years, just to name a few of the activities they will perform.

Jesus Christ swung His sickle first in this sequence to indicate that Believers come first and always.

Now, it is the angels turn to apply a cleansing action upon the earth.

Note closely, that no matter what man does on the earth, no matter what Satan does on the earth or anywhere for that matter, no matter what you do or do not do in your life, Gods plan advances with clock like precision.

There are no hesitations, no pauses, no stalls, no barriers, no obstructions or obstacles of any kind.

Jesus Christ controls history, and history in Gods plan, advances on time and on schedule without interruption.

For those who align themselves with God through Christ and doctrine, there is no failure, ever.

For those who align themselves against God, the disasters and devastation and loss are unbelievable.



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