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Revelation 16:1



1 And [kai] I heard [akouo] a great [megas] voice [phone] out of [ek] the temple [naos] saying [lego] to the seven [hepta] angels, [aggelos] Go your ways, [hupago] and [kai] pour out [ekcheo] the vials [phiale] of the wrath [thumos] of God [theos] upon [eis] the earth. [ge] KJV-Interlinear



1 And I heard a loud voice from the temple, saying to the seven angels, "Go and pour out the seven bowls of the wrath of God into the earth." NASB



There is only one resident in the Tabernacle, and that is God Himself. Jesus Christ is the subject of the Bible and the source of all life and all judgment.

Throughout the scriptures, hope through Christ is the thread that ties all of life and history together.

In opposition to that, is sin and evil in its many forms. Sin and evil, run contrary to truth, and they do their very best to destroy all that is good, leaving nothing in their wake. Anyone pursuing evil, pursues their own self destruction. Unfortunately they pursue it with an eagerness that ends up in total shock.

The source of the bowl judgments come from God Himself - Jesus Christ.

The mere fact that the bowls are already filled with judgments, indicates that God has been well prepared long before they were going to be used.

The future is not a bright one for evil humanity, but it is a bright future for saved humanity.

For evil humanity, there awaits them, the most horrific series of events that has ever been cast down upon the world, ever. And these judgments will come fast that furiously and will not end until all evil is crushed and destroyed.

The events will not occur over the period of a few minutes, but perhaps over a period of several weeks or months.

And why not just annihilate evil all at once? Because this long and drawn out sequence, will demonstrate how just these judgments really are.

Prior to this, there will have been many attempts to get people to believe in Christ and be saved, and turn away from their evil ways. They will refuse. When this series of judgments begins, there will be more than ample opportunity to believe and Christ, but people will reject Christ more and more, in the most stubborn era in all of human history.

Not only will evil people reject Christ, but they will actually turn up their evil activities with greater emphasis against truth. Arrogance and hate will run rampant.

Therefore, out of the temple in heaven will come the command, 'Go.' And the seven angels will proceed in their individual missions, of pouring out judgment against planet earth.

The pouring out, as we studied yesterday, is a dumping, a flood, an overwhelming onslaught of justice applied against wicked people throughout the planet.

The earth, is a reference to the entire planet. Therefore no one will be able to hide, no one will be able to run, no one will be able to escape Gods judgments.



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