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Revelation 16:5



5 And [kai] I heard [akouo] the angel [aggelos] of the waters [hudor] say, [lego] Thou art [ei] righteous, [dikaios] O Lord, [kurios] which [ho] art [on], [ho on kai ho en kai ho erchomenos] and [kai] wast [en], [ho on kai ho en kai ho erchomenos] and [kai] shalt be [hosios], [ho on kai ho en kai ho erchomenos] because [hoti] thou hast judged [krino] thus. [tauta] KJV-Interlinear



5 And I heard the angel of the waters saying, "Righteous art Thou, who art and who wast, O Holy One, because Thou didst judge these things; NASB



All of the fundamental principles of scripture have been revealed to humanity since the time of Adam. And even though they were not put down in writing until Moses, and through the many centuries after him, the basic concepts have always been known, and handed down through word of mouth from generation to generation.

Even in the time of Noah, in Gen. 6, the pre-flood famous people (evil types) were referred to as those from whom the great stories, came.

Here, and in extra-biblical writings, angels or gods were spoken of as being in command of various elements (wind, rain, earth, fire, and so forth). It is from these accounts that most likely the stories of the Greeks and their gods, and other stories, developed.

On the one hand, the stories of folklore are false. They are false gods, false stories, and false in general. But, they are all originated out of truth, just twisted for entertainment or religious purposes.

Here we have the angel of the waters. This is an expression of authority over some earthly attribute. We have already studied the angel of fire from chapter 14, and before that, the four angels that held back the winds and judgments on the earth.

All in all, this gives us some insight as to just how powerful angels are, some of their duties, and also, it totally knocks out the idea that nature functions seemingly on its own in some random fashion. An idea totally subscribed to by evolutionists and pure science.

This verse implies that angels have authority over nearly if not all, aspects of the function of this physical universe.

But remember that Jesus Christ controls history. He created the universe and life and He controls it all in accordance with the original divine plan set forth in eternity past.

God allows man and angel to make their own decisions, but in the end, everything is judged by the principles of truth and dealt with through the application of justice. Evil is condemned and good is rewarded.

And the angel of the waters, waters that have been almost instantly made worthless on the planet, gives us the reason why they were made worthless.

He addresses God. The God of eternity past, the God of the present, and the God of eternity future, who is Jesus Christ. There is only one infinite and eternal God. All other philosophies, theories, religions and so forth are false.

He has all of the facts, all of the evidence, and based on truth, has judged evil for what it is. And He has judged fairly.

Many can read these last few verses and imagine the horrible conditions that will exist across the planet. Many may say, how could a fair and loving God do such a thing. But then those people are detached from reality and see only what they want to see. They do not see the horrors that come out of evil. They do not believe that horrors can come out of evil. They ignore all of the atrocities that will have occurred by 'peace' loving peoples, who are in fact corrupt to the core.

Evil sees only what it wants to see and evil never sees itself at fault. Good seems to be the bad guy in the view of evil minds.

That is why far too many folks do not see anything wrong with their chosen lifestyle, believing that it does not affect anyone but themselves. But evil affects everyone, especially new generations that see the example and adopt it, pushing evil to even greater depths. Eventually the simple transgressions result in horrible transgressions.

The worst result of evil will come into being in the Tribulation.

People live for but a few decades and make themselves out to be authorities and experts. God has been around forever, and is the only qualified authority and expert.



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