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Revelation 16:6



6 For [hoti] they have shed [ekcheo] the blood [haima] of saints [hagios] and [kai] prophets, [prophetes] and [kai] thou hast given [didomi] them [autos] blood [haima] to drink; [pino] for [gar] they are [eisi] worthy. [axios] KJV-Interlinear



6 for they poured out the blood of saints and prophets, and Thou hast given them blood to drink. They deserve it." NASB



The blood here is both literal blood, and symbolic of life or possession.

The saints, is a reference to all believers throughout history. The prophets, is a reference to the prophets of the Old Testament, but also includes all who teach scripture.

The target accusation is against the spiritually dysfunctional people in the Tribulation, both unbelievers and believers who have turned away from God, and to the ways of evil associated with the anti-christ.

Evil is the subject or the common thread to ties them together historically.

Even though those future people, the ones who will live during this end time of the Tribulation, even though they have not lived at any other time in history and have not personally touched the lives of people from past generations, they are guilty in principle for all of the evil that has been committed throughout history.

They represent the pattern of ultimate evil, when evil is unleashed. They chose the pattern of evil for their lives, and therefore have set themselves against God, and by that choice, they have also set themselves against all who choose for God.

From the time of Adam, God gave all that was, to Adam for a possession. Adam was one of the first two believers in history. However, over the course of time, others were born into this world, chose against God, and therefore chose against His gifts and blessings, but took the things of the world for themselves anyway, things of which they were not entitled. You cannot reject the giver, but still expect the gift.

In so doing, unbelievers, in principle, take or steal that which does not belong to them. All that comes from God is for the benefit and use of believers, His family.

Likewise, throughout history, unbelievers have set themselves against God, against Christ and believers, and in so doing, they have deprived them of literal life, and of possessions, both of which they have no right to take. Some believers were killed, while others are forced to live in a devils world, complete with hardships and pressures.

When the Tribulation comes, at its end, unbelievers will be trying their very best to kill and destroy all believers, in order to take for themselves, the world. This they do under the assumption that they have won something valuable. However, the world is only a temporary thing. While the next eternal life is the real objective of life.

Therefore, unbelievers and evil in general, fight to win something that is going to cease to exist, so in winning, they lose. Believers may lose a temporary thing, but win a permanent thing in eternity.



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