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Revelation 16:9



9 And [kai] men [anthropos] were scorched [kaumatizo] with great [megas] heat, [kauma] and [kai] blasphemed [blasphemeo] the name [onoma] of God, [theos] which [ho] hath [echo] power [exousia] over [epi] these [tautais] plagues: [plege] and [kai] they repented [metanoeo] not [ou] to give [didomi] him [autos] glory. [doxa] KJV-Interlinear



9 And men were scorched with fierce heat; and they blasphemed the name of God who has the power over these plagues; and they did not repent, so as to give Him glory. NASB



Through all four plagues, humanity will have ample opportunity to repent, to turn away from evil and to believe in Christ. Instead, they adopt the cursing of the anti-christ, who is merely doing the bidding of Satan.

But not only will people curse God, they will curse God, with enthusiasm. All the while they will be suffering more and more.

By this time in the Tribulation, well over half of the worlds population will have died. The worlds economic system will have already collapsed. Inflation, famine, starvation, and oppression will be out of control. The worlds infrastructure of power, roads, communications and so forth will be non-functional or marginal at best. The aftermath of storms and natural disasters will have rendered huge populations as homeless and worse. The oceans are dead. The air will smell of the stench of death and pollution that no one is able to clean up. No one will be able to find even a single drop of fresh water.

And yet, the stubbornness of evil will reject the one and only person who can fix it all. Not only will people reject Christ, but they will curse Him, as though it is all His fault, when in fact all problems are the product of evil which they have embraced, and of which has brought the world to its knees.

In less than seven years a once flourishing world, regardless of its problems then, will have collapsed into a dismal morass of disasters and death, with a human population that is flirting with its own extinction.

The plagues are not of natural origin, but of supernatural origin. They come from God Himself, and from no other source.

In life, in your life, nothing happens by accident. You were born, you will live your life, and then you will die.

Then what?

You have this life to prepare for the next life, eternity. And for those who do not take this life and Gods plan for them, seriously, then eternity is going to be a very disappointing time (forever) for them.

God is all knowing and fair. God discloses to every person, the truth and the facts of life and what lay ahead. Great happiness and completeness awaits those who listen and learn. Great disappointment, and perhaps far worse, await those who are indifferent or try to invent their own ideas of the present and the hereafter. No religion, no philosophy, no cult, no belief system can or will tell you what to expect, for they are products lies. And lies can never reveal truth.



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