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Revelation 16:10


10 And [kai] the fifth [pemptos] angel [aggelos] poured out [ekcheo] his [autos] vial [phiale] upon [epi] the seat [thronos] of the beast; [therion] and [kai] his [autos] kingdom [basileia] was [ginomai] full of darkness; [skotoo] and [kai] they gnawed [massaomai] their [autos] tongues [glossa] for [ek] pain, [ponos] KJV-Interlinear



10 And the fifth angel poured out his bowl upon the throne of the beast; and his kingdom became darkened; and they gnawed their tongues because of pain, NASB



This is the fifth of the seven plagues. From the painful sores, the destroyed oceans, removal of all fresh water, and intense heart, then life one would think, would be more than beyond miserable, but an unrepentant world will still refuse to turn to God.

And now the lights are turned out on the entire world.

The world is the kingdom of Satan. The anti-christ is now the ruler of that world. Although he will come to power by the overthrow of ten countries which is presumed to be European based, the anti-christ will have effective control or influence over the entire world.

Joel, Zephaniah, and Jesus, all three, spoke of this time, when the sun, moon, and stars would cease to shine and darkness would cover the world, Joel 2:2; 3:14-15, Zeph 1:15, Mark 13:24, Isa 13:10; 24:23; Luke 21:25; Acts 2:20.

With the sunshine lost, the moons light stopped, the light of the stars no longer seen, then the entire world has an excellent example of just how weak and helpless and impotent the anti-christ really is. Powerless in life, and powerless in the world, the anti-christ who is the hero of an unrepentant world, now has his kingdom sitting in total darkness.

Sores are still open and painful, the stench of the oceans still fills the air, the stench of the dead still fills the air, although most probably people are not able to smell their own stench, there is no water with which to drink or wash, and burns and heat still making life miserable. And now people have to live and function in total darkness.

This surely would cause a reasonable people to come to their senses and repent and turn to God. But they do not.

This is the last of the warning plagues. This is the last mention of people refusing to repent.
The final call to repent has now been completed. And now the world demonstrates and confirms by its own collective decisions, that all who remain in an unrepentant mood, will remain there, and they will remain in denial toward God, by means of their own choice.

Just as Pharaoh had ten chances to change, and finally did so (temporarily), so too the population of the Tribulation world will have their chances to repent, but they will not.

Their collective decision to reject Christ, will lead to two more judgments, of which will be the last and final battle with everyone fighting everyone, doing all of the fighting and killing of each other at their own hands. Only Christ will be able to end it all at the Second Advent.



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