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Revelation 16:11


11 And [kai] blasphemed [blasphemeo] the God [theos] of heaven [ouranos] because of [ek] their [autos] pains [ponos] and [kai] [ek] their [autos] sores, [helkos] and [kai] repented [metanoeo] not [ou] of [ek] their [autos] deeds. [ergon] KJV-Interlinear



11 and they blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores; and they did not repent of their deeds. NASB



The word for pains, 'ponos,' refers to toil as in daily work to provide ones daily sustenance, starving, poor, beggar, to beg, to live in anguish, pain.

And here we have the best description of how life is going to be for those who reject Jesus Christ during those latter years and months and weeks in the Tribulation.

In the previous verse we were told that they gnawed their tongues. An expression for extreme mental anguish due to extreme physical anguish and discomfort. And now putting these two verses together, we can see that daily life is beyond miserable.

From the onset of the Tribulation, which would have been six or seven years prior to this, life will have been getting worse by the year. With the failed anti-christ policies, economies, currencies, employment, industry and so forth will have been getting worse and worse with each succeeding month and year.

As inflation took away buying power, as government eliminated business and industry, as famine resulted from failed policies leading to failed production, as crime and violence grows out of control, then life in the first part of the Tribulation would have been bad already.

Remember that in the first half of the Tribulation, one-fourth of the worlds population will die. Something that should gain the attention of everyone. But evil and corruption will continue grow to even greater heights.

Scapegoats will be sought out, and Christians and Jews will be blamed. Atrocities will grow in their intensity.

And as they approach the intense judgments from God in the latter half of the Tribulation, due to the intense growth of evil, we can see just how life really is.

People are unemployed, starving, begging, covered with sores, living in darkness and hovels, scraping about for what little sustenance they can find, just to survive.

This alone should tell a normal person that life is not good, that what they have from the anti-christ is not working, that they need to change in order to find something better.

But, despite their dire circumstances, people do not repent, do not turn to God, do not believe in Christ (by thinking six little words - such an easy way out of their predicament). And as a result their hate and anger grows more and more against God, who did not bring any of their bad circumstances upon them. They did that themselves.

Pharaoh was not this stubborn.

Prior to the Rapture, life would have been just about as it is today in our current time. But in just a few short years subsequent to the Rapture, life will fall to extreme lows.

And yet even today, people will run about in their daily lives, in total disregard to God, Christ and doctrine. People are oblivious to the greater things in life, looking only to the immediate future, and ignoring their eternal destiny. And as such, throwing away wealth and riches beyond their imagination.



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