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Revelation 16:13


13 And [kai] I saw [eido] three [treis] unclean [akathartos] spirits [pneuma] like [homoios] frogs [batrachos] come out of [ek] the mouth [stoma] of the dragon, [drakon] and [kai] out of [ek] the mouth [stoma] of the beast, [therion] and [kai] out of [ek] the mouth [stoma] of the false prophet. [pseudoprophetes] KJV-Interlinear



13 And I saw coming out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs; NASB



The dragon is Satan, the beast is the anti-christ, and the false prophet, is the promoter beast of the anti-christ. We have already studied and established their identities.

But what is interesting here, is the real persons behind the symbolism.

The frog is not real, but symbolic of the nature and attributes of these three evil individuals.

The frog has a harsh voice. It is not pleasant. The frog talks all of the time. It is opinionated. It complains, is never satisfied. The frog is symbolic of heresy, or opinions typically unorthodox or unconventional. It has ideas that come from way out in left field. Ideas that are not connected with reality.

It lives in the mud, finds its home in the mud. It wallows in its own sin or misery and enjoys it. It endures in all manner of weather, meaning self denial as to what is or is not good. The frog eats very little or is very picky in its food choices, representing the ascetic personality. It lives in or near water and drinks a great deal representing a glutton, insatiable, greedy personality.

The frog has long since been held as a symbol of impertinence, rudeness, insolence. The frog swells its size and cheeks representing arrogance or pride.

All in all, the frog represents something that is small, but fights or squabbles over control of a nothing muddy realm. It is nothing and amounts to nothing.

And so this is the description of the three leaders of the Tribulation, beginning with Satan, and carrying on to his select and chosen representatives. Satan who at one time could travel the vastness of the universe, but is now fighting over an insignificant planet, to win something that is only temporary at best.

And out of their mouths come three unclean spirits. The spirits are demons. The uncleanness describes their evil nature. The mouths describe the sound or voice which is a product of the thoughts or mind set, of the individuals speaking.

So, on the whole, all three of these individuals, Satan, the anti-christ, and the false prophet, are three peas from the same pod. They are co-evil, arrogant, and petty to the core. And even though Satan is the original and driving force, the two men have, of their own free will, chosen to side with Satan.

The three evil persons (Satan, anti-christ, false prophet) all make it very clear that they are evil to the core. They have all three attempted to deceive a naïve public using great but false signs, like causing fire to come down out of the sky, or cheap magicians smoke and mirror tricks which have no substance of reality in them, in order to get the public to worship them.

And now the leadership of the world, the kings of the east, representing all evil outside of Gods realm, are now the target of deception and will indeed be deceived, into going to an all out war, the last and final war, which will not last very long.

It will be the biggest, but shortest war in all of human history.



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