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Revelation 16:14


14 For [gar] they are [eisi] the spirits [pneuma] of devils, [daimon] working [poieo] miracles, [semeion] which go forth [ekporeuomai] [hos] [ekporeuomai] unto [epi] the kings [basileus] of the earth [ge] and [kai] of the whole [holos] world, [oikoumene] to gather [sunago] them [autos] to [eis] the battle [polemos] of that [ekeinos] great [megas] day [hemera] of God [theos] Almighty. [pantokrator] KJV-Interlinear



14 for they are spirits of demons, performing signs, which go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them together for the war of the great day of God, the Almighty. NASB



And so the objective of these spirits, or better described as the words of Satan's deception, is not only directed toward the kings of the east, but to the kings of all countries in all the world.

Kings, is merely the expression for the leadership of countries, whether a president or the leading groups of political representatives, depending on how countries are organized in those final weeks. Remember that the world is in shambles after about seven years of destruction.

It is said that if faith in believers is not strong enough, then even believers in Christ would succumb to the deceptions of Satan. So if believers would have a difficult time in not being deceived, even with the doctrine that they have in their soul, then how much more difficult it will be for unbelievers who lack doctrine, to refuse the enticements and signs of evil.

And of course the leadership in those final days, will be about as weak as anyone has ever been, spiritually speaking. Leaders being unbelievers, will be led by their own ego's, their own lusts for power and approbation and so forth, and therefore will be easily deceived by a much smarter Satan.

Satan's objective is to destroy Israel, every Jew, and every Christian. And, in order to prevent anyone else from even believing in Christ by accident or by chance, Satan has to eliminate every human being on the planet. That is his only hope of defeating God.

And in preparing the way, God has laid out the trap for not only defeating Satan, but for destroying most of the unbelieving population. The human race will mostly destroy itself, at its own hands.

Christ will clean up those remaining, when He arrives at the Second Advent, while He also delivers believers that are also on the verge of annihilation.

The miracles, 'semeion,' means tokens, wonders, signs, to indicate, to signify. And again they are signs or actions without substance.

The leaders of the world, by that time, will be so weak intellectually, that mere signs are all that it takes to convince them to launch a massive attack against Israel.

And remember that the world is economically destroyed. World resources will be in short supply, but most of those resources will be committed to military production and use. So much so that when the battle finally comes, the blood of the dead will be as high as a horses bridle, for hundreds of miles. That indicates extreme violence in battle, more so than ever before in history. All this will happen because people are convinced by mere signs.



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