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Revelation 16:16


16 And [kai] he gathered [sunago] them [autos] together [sunago] into [eis] a place [topos] called [kaleo] in the Hebrew tongue [Hebraisti] Armageddon. [Armageddon] KJV-Interlinear



16 And they gathered them together to the place which in Hebrew is called Har-Magedon. NASB



The Hebrew word 'Har-Magedon,' means Mt. Megiddo, but there is no specific mountain that carries that name. 'Har' also means hills or hill country or range of hills, and 'Armageddon' means to assemble for destruction.

This is a reference to the hills surrounding the Plain of Megiddo and the Plain of Esdraelon, which is also called the Valley of Jezreel. This region is located sixty miles north of Jerusalem and will be the focal point of the final battle called Armageddon.

But note that the last battle will run the full length of Israel from the far north to as far south as Bozrah, Isa. 63:1. It will be two hundred miles in length and as wide as the country, and will be the bloodiest battle in all of human history. Bodies will be piled so high that it is beyond description, and the blood of the dead will flow as high as the horses bridle, perhaps five feet deep, or just under two meters.

Now note, when a person bleeds, there is generally a stain or a pool of blood that is not really that deep for a single person. Therefore to have blood as deep as described, then the body pile will have to be really high and the carnage will have to be extreme. And for a body pile to get high, then that means that the attacking soldiers will have to be climbing over and/or running on top of the pile as they die and add to the pile.

So, now try and imagine that for a length of two-hundred miles. That is a lot of people.

In order to keep on fighting in such carnage, then one would have to be insane. Most normal people would probably stop and fall to their knees after seeing such a slaughter. But this will not be the case in that future battle.

Now, after the fifth bowl judgment of darkness, the leaders of evil, Satan, the anti-christ and his sidekick the false prophet, will lead a phenomenal campaign of deceit in order to get the leaders of the world to assemble their armies and attack each other in the Middle East.

They are not attacking Israel, as allies, but Satan and the anti-christ will be using their deceitful ways to get everyone angry at each other. Thus the army of the south will attack in concert with the army of the north, but will be double crossed by the north, who will then be attacked on both of its flanks by the armies of the west and east. This is all laid out in Ezekiel.

But after the fifth bowl, instead of repenting, the world will attack. And during the pause of the sixth bowl, which is merely the calm before the storm, as Christ allows the world to prepare itself for war and assemble in their various battle arrays, then and only then does the seventh and final bowl judgment come.



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