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Revelation 16:17


17 And [kai] the seventh [hebdomos] angel [aggelos] poured out [ekcheo] his [autos] vial [phiale] into [eis] the air; [aer] and [kai] there came [exerchomai] a great [megas] voice [phone] out of [apo] the temple [naos] of heaven, [ouranos] from [apo] the throne, [thronos] saying, [lego] It is done. [ginomai] KJV-Interlinear



17 And the seventh angel poured out his bowl upon the air; and a loud voice came out of the temple from the throne, saying, "It is done." NASB



And now comes the seventh angel and the seventh and final bowl judgment.

The first judgment was aimed at the earth. The second judgment was aimed at the oceans. The third judgment was aimed at the fresh waters. The fourth judgment was aimed at the sun and extreme heat. The fifth judgment was aimed at the removal of light (no more truth existed in the world). And the sixth judgment was in preparation for this final judgment, which is aimed at the air in reference to the entire planet as a whole.

And with the initiating of this seventh and final judgment, the voice of God makes the final decree, 'Finished.' The wrath of God is now complete with the carrying out of this final judgment.

At the end of the Millennium, Satan will be released and there will arise a revolt against Christ, but that will be put down almost immediately. It will not be drawn out as this series of judgments will have been.

And with this final judgment set, for it is a series of very fast and rapidly executed series of judgment events, then the wrath of God, as history has been warned about, will be finished and will occur no more.

This again will be a sign for those believers who are in hiding. Christ will not return until all of these things have come to pass. So even without calendars or clocks, people will have something very real, with which to determine the time and the closeness of Christ's return.

But even though they might guess as to the timing, they are to remain secluded, until He actually does return. There is still a lot left to happen prior to that event.

If you have read ahead, and I do not know how you could resist doing so, then you will see that the entire planet will seemingly come unglued as the sky, oceans, and continents will seem like they are falling apart.

In these final days or hours, a great many people will die in the disasters to come, as their entire world will be literally turned upside down. And even then, no one who has rejected Christ, will change their mind.



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