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Revelation 16:20


20 And [kai] every [pas] island [nesos] fled away, [pheugo] and [kai] the mountains [oros] were [heurisko] not [ou] found. [heurisko] KJV-Interlinear



20 And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found. NASB



Simultaneously with the last of the judgments against evil, the topography of the entire planet will be transformed.

All islands will vanish, as islands, and all mountains with but one exception, will collapse into plains.

The one exception will be Jerusalem which will be elevated to a higher elevation than all the surrounding region, and by implication, will become the highest elevation on the planet. There will be none higher in authority than Christ.

There are many mountain ranges around the planet, with Mt. Everest being the highest mountain. And that mountain obtained its height because of the continental plates pushing against each other, making Everest increase in its height about an inch or so each year. If I remember right the Alps in Europe are the result of the African plate pushing against the European plate, causing them to rise to their great height.

Many mountain ranges are not volcanic, such as Everest and the Alps.

Prior to Adams fall, the earth was a huge garden, a place of perfect environment.

When Christ begins his rule in the Millennium, one of the attributes of that future era, will be perfect environment.

Therefore, in order to return to that kind of environment, the earth's tilt and the mountain ranges as well as the oceans, will have to change.

When the tsunami occurred in Indonesia several years ago, one of the very subtle results of that earthquake and subsequent tidal waves, was that the earths wobble changed a very small fraction of a measurement. That change could not have been measured or even discovered until the technology of atomic clocks, GPS and such things were available.

So, whenever a major earthquake occurs, more than just the ground, changes.

As for the islands and mountains, for only those are mentioned here, the ground will either rise or fall in order to flatten and smooth out the topography of the planet.

Isa 40:4
4 "Let every valley be lifted up, And every mountain and hill be made low; And let the rough ground become a plain, And the rugged terrain a broad valley; NASB

Most views of these future events, presume that the islands will sink away into the oceans. However, islands are merely the tips of undersea mountains.

The word for fled away, 'pheugo,' means to run away, vanish, flee, escape.

The word for 'not found,' 'ou heurisko,' means the negative of find, get, obtain, perceive, see.

So, together both of these natural wonders will disappear in such a manner that, if you were to look for them, you will not be able to even locate their past existence or whereabouts.

Note one more thing, at the end of the millennium, when Satan is released and leads a rebellion against Christ, people from all over the world in huge numbers will march on Jerusalem, in a very short amount of time, this implies that they have ready access to being able to cross into the region of Jerusalem, from all corners of the planet, quickly.

That implies that land bridges, if not huge land masses will rise up out of the ocean during these Tribulation events, connecting all of the continents, which will obviously be transformed completely.

And all of this will occur in such a manner as to not place anyone who is going to be delivered, in danger.

Now, you can use your imagination, if you are so inclined, and perhaps a globe, to guess how all of these things will come together.



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