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Revelation 17:4


4 And [kai] the woman [gune] was [en] arrayed [periballo] in purple [porphura] and [kai] scarlet colour, [kokkinos] and [kai] decked [chrusoo] with gold [chrusos] and [kai] precious [timios] stones [lithos] and [kai] pearls, [margarites] having [echo] a golden [chruseos] cup [poterion] in [en] her [autos] hand [cheir] full of [gemo] abominations [bdelugma] and [kai] filthiness [akathartes] of her [autos] fornication: [porneia] KJV-Interlinear



4 And the woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a gold cup full of abominations and of the unclean things of her immorality, NASB



Through the ages, the policies of Satan have been very successful and have become very wealthy by the standards of the world.

Purple and scarlet are the colors of royalty, of success, of the elite. They are also the colors of enticement and of prostitution, the very practice by which they became desirable.

Gold and precious stones and a golden cup speak of success, vast success, and that is the strong appeal of evil.

To anyone who wants for themselves or for others, but especially for themselves, the enticements, the carrots of the world are the triggers that force bad decisions out of those who have little or no spiritual restraint.

They are also the traps into which anyone who steps, will never get out, unless they have a change of heart. Most folks who get themselves in the traps of the world, will find they only bring despair, never satisfaction, never enough, and never what they were really looking for. They get caught up in the traps they set for themselves, by themselves, and that is the real success of the world, making sure that anyone enticed will be swallowed up and lost to history.

What is in her hand? Abominations, eyesores, rage, scandals, repugnance, hatred, atrocities and worse. And they all lead to frustration and emptiness and nothing.

And the cup is full of the drink, the desires, that make people drunk, disoriented, confused, and detached from reality. They ultimately lead to an unstable life and to madness, Jere. 51:7, and that is the epitome of failure in ones life.

Rejecting truth, means subscribing to lies. Rejecting Gods will, means inventing your own will. Rejecting Gods plan for your life, means certain failure.

Anytime you place your own priorities before those that demand responsibility, means you might as well be dressed up as the prostitute of Satan. For the world will show you fabulous success and pleasures, but one day, the rug will be pulled out from under you, and you will not be happy with the result as the world throws you away as trash, as it does and will do to everyone.



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