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Revelation 17:5



5 And [kai] upon [epi] her [autos] forehead [metopon] was a name [onoma] written, [grapho] MYSTERY, [musterion] BABYLON [Babulon] THE GREAT, [megas] THE MOTHER [meter] OF HARLOTS [porne] AND [kai] ABOMINATIONS [bdelugma] OF THE EARTH. [ge] KJV-Interlinear



5 and upon her forehead a name was written, a mystery, "BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH." NASB



The mystery of Babylon is not to be revealed until the Tribulation. And this is an important principle to note.

Babylon encompasses the representation of religion and all opposition to God and truth. The word for mystery here, 'musterion,' is an indication of something held secret, typically used to keep silent or to protect religious rites out of the hands of non-members of a given group.

The non-member group here is us, since we are not going to be a part of the Tribulation, and only those who will live through that time, will discover its secret.

The harlot is called mystery Babylon to indicate two things. First that this is not a specific woman, which should be obvious since this policy of evil has been in existence throughout history, and but second, this is not a specific reference to a city or geographical location.

It is not a reference to the Babylon of ancient times, and it is not a reference to a rebuilt Babylon in the future.

However this future Babylon concept is called three things. First it is called 'The Great,' and second it is called the 'Mother of Harlots,' and third it is called the 'Mother of Abominations.' And, this reference is applied to the entire world, 'The Earth.'

And since all of these words are placed in capital letters, this emphasizes their increased significance in the Tribulation.

The first reference refers to its far reaching influence throughout the world. The second and third reference refers to the phenomenal extent of all idolatrous and false worship that is going to occur. And the reference to the Mother, makes its source from the same source, from the same parent, namely Satan who conceived and gave birth to religion.

So, this 'last days' religion of the anti-christ will not be from the Catholic Church nor from Islam, nor from some United or World Council of Churches or things of that nature, or any other religion now existing. This does not imply that these things won't be influential in the final religions of the final days of history.

Most likely, religion of today will diminish during our dispensation, as secularism takes up more and more of the attention in peoples lives. Things over faith.

However we have noted in our past studies, that people have two sides to them, a physical side and a spiritual side. If the spiritual side is ignored, then a vacuum is created and that leads to an emptiness in the lives of folks.

When troubles strike, then people will have a natural tendency to turn to something in order to fill up that vacuum. And when this all comes together in the future, the last generation of our dispensation will be in the midst of a 'Great Apostasy,' as described by Paul and then the Rapture, and then the anti-christ will step in to trap everyone (if possible) into his (Satan's) last and Great Babylon revival attempt to oppose God and truth.

We have already seen that many will turn to God and be martyred. Some will run to the hills and hide. But the most people will turn to the anti-christ and fulfill this prophecy of the greatest and worse religion in all of human history.

And finally the word for abominations, 'bdelugma,' means to stink, to be disgusted, to detest, abhor, and all of these put together means that the future religion of the anti-christ will be the absolute worst ever.

We know of the tendencies and characteristics of the religions, cults, philosophies and so forth of today, what with all of their attitudes and prejudices and rituals, but what is coming, is going to be so bad, that its description and specifics are being kept secret, and will not be revealed until the Tribulation, and revealed by the policies, laws, regulations, actions and whatever by the anti-christ.

One might wonder if an offset to the secret religion might be the seven thunders, which too, are held secret. You might recall that study from a couple of months ago, Rev. 10.



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